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The Pretense of Righteousness or Our Un-Corruptible Spring or Corruption and Pollution Have No Chance

One doesn’t have to look far today for pictures of dying children.  One doesn’t have to go far to actually see dying children.  Dying children are all around us.  And we are the “lucky” ones.

I believe the more pain you can feel emotionally the more access you have to your humanity, which is our singular gift of existence.  I believe one of the cruelest myths ever perpetrated on humankind is that pain is bad.  If pain is a part of our humanity and we are taught that pain is bad or something to be avoided, well that doesn’t bode well for our species.  Some may say that the ideal is a world without pain, some transcendental space where humans have overcome pain and exist as some ethereal entity painless, ascended perhaps.  In fact the more I think about this and write about it the less desirable a world without pain becomes.  Perhaps that is just my cro-magnon coming out, my un-evolved human who can’t mentally or spiritually realize a world beyond his own body, his own mechanism.  Be that as it may – I am here, now and I am wearing my body suit.  I am wearing what I have been giving and I am processing the world through this suit of flesh and bone and with my squishy electric brain and I know that to be human, to be Damon, I must feel the pain of wearing the suit, I must feel the pain of the un-evolved brain as it stretches to reconcile itself in all its parts between what it sees and what it knows is possible.  I have come hard wired with my suit of perception and my processor – these are my tools and I have also come hard wired with my beautiful and dreadful imagination, my ability to create in space and time.  I have the ability, at the same time to perceive a hungry child, to perceive millions of hungry children and millions dying from hunger and at the same time imagine a world where they are fed, where there is no hunger.  I can do this.

Well so what…

So what is that I think what the world needs (Yes, I agree with myself) to feel more pain.  Not in a “Batman The Rise of The Dark Knight” type of way.  No.  We do not need to inflict more pain.  There is plenty, an overwhelming amount of pain every moment of every day, some inflicted some as a process of life.  What the world needs is to feel that pain, deeply, overwhelmingly.  What the world needs is to be overcome by the pain of being human and by the pain in the dying of a child.  If we felt the pain that is all around us, whether a result of injustice, malice or life we would not be so hungry for the destruction of our world.  We would have access the softest most beautiful sense of being human.  It is all there for us.  Right now, sitting at desks, worrying about bills, wondering what to buy or who to vote for.  It is all there for us, underneath our convictions and our righteousness.  The pain, our emancipator.

I don’t know about you even though I like to think I do (and really – I do know about you and you know about me) but for me when I engage my creativity I am terrified by what I see and I wish to only remain in my head, safe from a world that today doesn’t seem to want to change.  Safe from a world that is being fed pills to relieve the pain in order to inflict more.  My creative space, the space, quiet, unspoiled from which the spring of whats best in me bubbles up and nourishes it’s surroundings feels threatened by the pollution and corruption of the world into which it bubbles.  But, my friends, my brothers and sisters, I have been confused and deceived.  The source of the spring is pure and un-polluteable, un-corruptable.  It is the pollution and corruption of the world that should feel afraid, my spring cannot be touched and if I find the courage to release it to the world pollution and corruption will have no defense and through only a spring of one, will immediately become less potent.  And that is just one spring.  We are billions.  We are billions and corruption and pollution have no defense for us.  And that is why corruption and pollution have only once resource, only one solution, they must not allow the springs to flow.  They must not allow the springs to flow and there is only one way to stop the creative expression of a person, their spring, and that is fear.

There are worlds beyond our worlds of countries and politics and news and entertainment.  There is a bomb dropped on a village that burns a child to death.  There is the intentful existence of death by hunger.  We are not helpless humans.  We can achieve what we choose to achieve and we do.  When you sit quietly in your creative space, with the purity of your spring bubbling and nuturing, in that place very few see but that you know intimately, what does your world look like?  Does it look like the world we live in today?  Is it different?  How is it different and what would happen if you shared your spring with the world?

In love…

It’s now more than 2 weeks in

I haven’t made a sale yet.  And last night I cried by myself as I watched “We were soldiers” at the atrocities of our world and wondered what it meant to sell trivia.  And I wondered at my self protecting comfort mechanism that found it felt good to feel and felt good to imagine a world where chaos made the selling of trivia or of the trivial obsolete.  It seems my mind is so good at creating comfort in the body, is it my mind that directs that choice.  The choice that tells me if the world exploded in chaos and open fighting and the economy stopped and all the pre-tense and self created necessity that’s really just paper mache – if all of it went up in flames – my mind tells me I would be better off.  I’ve written about it before, the yearning for the bomb, searching the horizon for the mushroom cloud, expecting it, wanting it.

Drop the pretense. 

So what is the pretense, what needs to be dropped?

It’s like the only thing that may really need to change is the honesty.  Humanity has been it’s best.  It cannot be better but it can be more honest.  We can call things by their true name.  The pretense is that we are doing a good job.  The pretense is that we cannot or should not strive for much more.  The pretense that needs to be dropped is the illusion of our self-imposed limitations.

What about the Pitch – Day 1

Day – 1 selling

The cure…I ‘ve developed a cure for a slownight and i’d like to sell it to you –

evolved to:

Be honest.

It’s vital to be honest in sales because it allows for your personality to not defend itself.  If you are not honest then part of you (at least part of me) is always defending itself, justifying, in a sense, playing the game and that wastes time and energy.  So be honest.  When I started to tell people that I was selling something I felt like a door opened into my personality and I could then more clearly express the benefits of what I was selling.  The truth is I am selling and I do want them to buy something from me so I found saying that freed me up to actually do the selling.

I have a program that builds business on a slow night and I’d like to sell it to you.

First i’d like to know if you would like to build business on a slow night and if so I need to qualify you.

Can I have 5 minutes of your time to show you how it works?

**Drop the “cure” be more honest

And so I did that and I had more effectiveness.

The challenge of today was that I am cose to Madison Square Garden and many of the places are telling me that there literally is no slow time…whether that is their strategy, which I think it might be, or not I don’t know for sure.  So my question now is do I try to break through the strategy and what would it mean to break through it…For now though I am have been working since 9:30am – it’s now 7:30pm and I took maybe an hour, at the most 2 off so far…The reality is I am going to take a break because I’m tired and there’s a certain sense that I need a break that a break is effective and then there is the competing sense that I have no right to take a break, that I need to push through and continue…I am scared about this, I can feel it viscerally but I can also feel my focus waning, my body wanting some rest.  I am certainly weak and I think it’s ok to acknowledge this weakness.  I have not worked hard for long periods of time for quite some time…and like a muscle I do need to build it, or at least that’s what I tell myself.

So it begins again – day 1 – Manhattan

I’ve said this line a lot in my life.  And I think that’s pretty cool.  I’ve always been open to exploring but, in retrospect, not as open as I think I’ve been.  Kind of like exploring with a net…but I think it’s different this time.  Different because it’s the type of thing, this type of exploring, that scares me.  It’s just me, me and them, me and all those potential sales in the big, cold, cruel world…NOT!  But it is just me and there’s not a lot to distract between success and failure or between failure and more failure and more failure…there is nothing to hide behind and in the past, when there has been nothing to hide behind, i have opted to not go down that road, instead I’ve opted to find somewhere to hide, somewhere else to go and to make up excuses as to why i didn’t explore.  Baseball was like this.  Margaritaville was like this.  NYC and Catch The Mania, my business, is not like this.  I don’t feel comfortable and i’m still doing it.

I think in a way I have already succeeded by putting myself in a position where failure, meaning lack of effort in this case, would be almost impossible.  I mean it could happen but it would be a complete breakdown of everything I know to be me and maybe that’s ok and maybe that will happen but I don’t think it will.  Failure to me is not Not getting the sale.  Failure to me is not trying like hell to get the sale.  Failure would be not hitting up 15 places (or more per day) and actually delivering some type of sales pitch whether it’s selling to get an appointment, selling to get the sales pitch itself, or selling the product…like Alec Baldwin says in Glenn Garry Glen Ross – “Always be selling”.

It’s a push for me.  I’ve left my family and have all types of emotions about that.  I don’t want to be fat anymore and have all types of emotions about that.  I want to remain open and compassionate, above all, to myself in my life and I struggle to find the way to sell in that way in a world that doesn’t really respond well to selling in that way.  And then I think – perhaps that’s it, perhaps that’s why it’s important for me to struggle, because it’s important to bring that type of selling into the world.

I am grateful for the people around me and for the people who aren’t around me.  I am aware of my responsibilities that lie within my sight lines and the responsiblities that I cannot see.  I love my life and all of it’s sticky, humane-ness and struggle and I find the more I love my life the more I love other people and so I guess…i am on my way!

Going to see 16 places on the books tomorrow.  The intro line is “I want to make your Monday the new Friday, are you intersted in that?”  And the follow up is a series of 3 questions:

  1. Do you have an outgoing employee
  2. Do you have an in house sound system
  3. Do you have a 2-3 hour period that you’d like to build business

If they say yes to those questions they are aqualified and I give them the pitch.  I’m not exactly sure what the pitch is but the pitch is generally not the difficult thing for me.  the difficult thing is getting to the pitch.

Day 1

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