What about the Pitch – Day 1

Day – 1 selling

The cure…I ‘ve developed a cure for a slownight and i’d like to sell it to you –

evolved to:

Be honest.

It’s vital to be honest in sales because it allows for your personality to not defend itself.  If you are not honest then part of you (at least part of me) is always defending itself, justifying, in a sense, playing the game and that wastes time and energy.  So be honest.  When I started to tell people that I was selling something I felt like a door opened into my personality and I could then more clearly express the benefits of what I was selling.  The truth is I am selling and I do want them to buy something from me so I found saying that freed me up to actually do the selling.

I have a program that builds business on a slow night and I’d like to sell it to you.

First i’d like to know if you would like to build business on a slow night and if so I need to qualify you.

Can I have 5 minutes of your time to show you how it works?

**Drop the “cure” be more honest

And so I did that and I had more effectiveness.

The challenge of today was that I am cose to Madison Square Garden and many of the places are telling me that there literally is no slow time…whether that is their strategy, which I think it might be, or not I don’t know for sure.  So my question now is do I try to break through the strategy and what would it mean to break through it…For now though I am have been working since 9:30am – it’s now 7:30pm and I took maybe an hour, at the most 2 off so far…The reality is I am going to take a break because I’m tired and there’s a certain sense that I need a break that a break is effective and then there is the competing sense that I have no right to take a break, that I need to push through and continue…I am scared about this, I can feel it viscerally but I can also feel my focus waning, my body wanting some rest.  I am certainly weak and I think it’s ok to acknowledge this weakness.  I have not worked hard for long periods of time for quite some time…and like a muscle I do need to build it, or at least that’s what I tell myself.

One response to “What about the Pitch – Day 1”

  1. Dawn Morrison says :

    Yes Damon, The Sales Effort Muscle is exactly that, a muscle. It will ache like hell at first like going to the gym for the first time in ages but you will get used to it. Keep pushing. Honesty is key for sure. The answer to no slow time is the intiating line-build business on a slow night……maybe it’s plain and simple….Mr. Jones, I have something that can add money to your bottom line, would that be of interest to you? (How you say this is imperative as well)
    Every person in business is interested in that concept, if they say no, which i have had people say that over the years-i know, crazy but true, my response has been…..if you don’t mind me asking, why are you not interested in adding money to your bottom line?
    Just the sound of it tends to pull them out of their knee jerk no response chain and you end up getting the real objection. It takes emotional strength to hang in there tho. Most salespeople run away after the first no.
    Rock on man


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