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What lies beyond


We are the greatest, not because we were made that way but because we must be in order to consider ourselves.  In all of the vastness and assumed and real “empty space” we persist, humans persist, at least on a human scale.  We must have access to all, we need access to all in order to have access to all and we must have access to all in order to survive and to possibly thrive.  Whether or not we are a big experiment…we are.

There is no way that a frail human, equipped not with claws or fur or teeth or shell or tremendous physical ability or durability would survive so empty and harsh an environment without the greatest possible tool.  The imagination, the ability to lift up out of our bodies and to see things that don’t exist.  We must, as an effect, envision all the horrors not before brought onto this world, all of the deprivation, all of the pain, all of the torture, all of the bad.  It exists as part and as effect of our freedom.  We may travel anywhere and we may express anything and only in that expression will we come to know ourselves as humanity, only in that expression will we have the opportunity to further our own and everyone’s imagination of what is possible.  Even in the condemnation of that expression, even in repression, suppression, oppression we receive, if we chose to see them, the most amazing opportunities.

For those of you who grew up while video games were coming online maybe you remember the drive, after the initial awe at this remote controllable being on the screen, to go outside the walls, to not be contained by the maze or the house or the race track, to see what lies on the other side. At least for me it was always about what was outside the video game, it was always about finding the edge and seeing if I could direct my charge through it, what lies beyond.  It is not different with life.  The more we stay within the boundaries the more life and our experience turns over on itself, regurgitating the sameness, like re-processed water.  It makes me wonder that if one day we will have processed the life out of water, so then it would become a poisonous liquid that took rather than gave life.

There is one thing to say about the practicality of living together on earth, cooperation by mutual consent can be a very helpful tool for survival.  Without it I doubt we survive at all.  But I ask myself which comes first, today, in the age of technological achievement of humans over the environment, survival or living.  I do not believe survival is living and I do believe living is the point of life, the philosophical meaning of living, the meaning you get when you think of the highest and greatest meaning of “living”.  Therefor any intent, masked in the rhetoric of cooperation, to remove or suppress living in favor of survival is anti-humanity and is the worst form of human abuse possible.  Does this type of behavior provide us with opportunities?  Yes, perhaps the greatest…but it also carries the greatest dangers in terms of the extinction of the human race.

I would like to say thank you this morning to Alan Watts and Keith Raniere for helping to clear the weeds from the garden.

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