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Please Master

It would help if you weren’t so offended.

Taking gasps is not the same as taking arms.

Please master, acknowledge me, please master, let me be

Please master, recognize me, please master…

please master…please master…please MASTER!

Well you know what people will say, don’t you?

They will say – “Oh! You mean that!”

They will say – “No. Not that! We must work within the structure”

They will say – “We need government, just look around you, you arrogant fool”

They will say – “Who will help us”

They will say – “Who will help them, the children, who will help the children”

Please Master, I am black, recognize me.

Please Master, I am gay, recognize me.

Please Master…Please Master…Please Master

When you fight to the death, it’s good to know what you’re fighting for.

When you fight to the death, it’s good not to lie, if you want to live.

There is nothing more clear and precise than a spear through the heart.

Do not look back in regret when that spear runs you through.

If you are offended it’s very difficult to see that you have no Master.

If you are offended it’s very difficult to see that you have no Master.

And if there is no Master…And if there is no Master…

If you are offended…You have a Master.


I’m am a breathless 46 years

looking at you straight

as if I’ve never seen anything like you

because I haven’t.

Somehow I have kept my innocence

against such terrible odds

and such fiends, friends and foes

Your beauty means much more than you know

in fact – you are stupid to your beauty

and clumsy and careless with it’s responsibility

but it matters not

I will look into you, straight

and possess the thing you don’t know you have

and from my arms I will show it to you

so you can meet it,

tears beginning, a soft caress and awestruck love

It doesn’t matter if you look at me

that way you do

You cannot become more, no matter how hard you want to

Yes, I am devastated.

And yes, it is your fault.

Paris, Je ne t’aim pas

It’s not that I don’t like Paris, personally

it’s more that I hate the idea.

And I am no Donald Trump

Brainless and impulsefull

But the people are all children,

They’re children, don’t you see.

They’re children

and you are murdering them

and talking of Paris with blood on your sleeve.

All this talk of Paris,

The hidden and secret beauty – playing keep away

keep away, keep away, keep away

Some children just don’t deserve ideas like Paris,

Don’t you agree.

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