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Happy Father’s Day

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to acknowledge, despite all prideful, acceptable and ordered attempts otherwise, to acknowledge that you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing, you will have taken the first step to freedom.

There is a point of notice here in regard to not knowing “what the fuck you’re doing”. This statement should be taken in totality from the most realistic and most cosmic, universal perspective. It should be taken as it relates to the fact that you are a biological being called a human existing in what is otherwise (except only for the fact that you exist) an impossibility on a home that has been labled Earth by other “humans”who, at the long end, have about 80 years out of infinity, many (maybe all) of which are spent in confusion, to gather whatever wisdom they can grasp to allow for the labeling.

In short, take a deep breath and imagine who your are if you take away your job, your loved ones, your material things, your intelligence and your looks. Who are you without these things and if you don’t know or are terrified, then that’s who you are and those things are just covering that reality like plastic laminate over original hardwood floors.

Every single person who thinks they know something is to be feared. And worse every single person who proclaims to know something is to be feared and avoided when the goal is any type of building of anything fundamentally positive.

It is possible to overcome all of this and to live a free and fundamentally responsible life but you have to stop believing yourself and you have to wake up to the absolute bullshit that somehow, despite all the evidence, you actually know something.

Happy Father’s day!

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