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Normal People

It’s just so crazy.

If the world is spinning

I can’t grab on.

My take so far is that it’s all a set up. There’s a message, and the more you wait to see it, the more painful it’s going to get. We, men and women, are different species. It’s time we started acting like it.

SOP and Jness are the fundamental building blocks of a new existence. NXIVM is, or maybe should be, the first step to being able to process the information that’s available, and even then it will only amount to 10%.

As sure as the wind blows, you are wrong and it’s time you started acting like an adult who knows that. Besides the benefits to society, they’re will be a massive benefit to you.

What does it mean that he was touched? What does it mean that I spoke about it and continue to?

There are a whole lot of normal people. Don’t be one.


To live again in ourselves
To inhabit the houses
While inhabiting the houses
In the house
Where we live

We must figure out how to forget

Forget what we’ve been taught

Forget that our teachers are lost
And know the difference between
Those that are lost and those that
Are trying to make their home, real.

The primary, powerful way that we forget
Is by being angry and by believing our anger
is more important than that which we seek,


The end of Horror

The worst of it

Is the hiding

It would be so much less painful

If it didn’t exist.

But it does

And I hid it

And I hide it away

I am a very suggestive person

And I’m also absorbent

And I have absorbed,

Oh yes,

I have absorbed.

There is a struggle deeper

Than any struggle faced

Much greater lies ahead

And we,

Are not ready,

but we are prepared.

There is a chance Vortex

Of energy here

Do I follow with it and into it and learn to shape it.

Do I fight my way out by resigning, as I have always done.

Beneath the horror of yourself and your behaviors, is another self, clean and Crystal and strong.

And you have experienced so much pain that you can be a sage

And wear your tarnished coat with the clean one, and so, and like with all things, clean will tarnish.

Despite my inner horror

I move through

And the horror loses its edge.

It’s taken me some time and some pain to do this but the horror loses its edge.

The more I touch it the more it de- mystifies.

Good to keep in mind,

For Love.

And maybe the idea underneath it all, is

It’s time for me to create my own reality.

I will no longer rely on the horror of the past to flavor my present

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