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Slave Master

We make perfect machines

And get mad when we are not perfect.

And when I say perfect, I mean reliable, consistent, stable, predictable.

We make things that are not us

And then expect us to behave like machines.

Funny people.

Church and steeple

Preaching what we know,

Like, the sky is blue

Like, water is wet

Preaching and teaching, never reaching always beseeching

And yelling and screaming at our misplaced meanings.

Desiring beyond desire that we should just work. That you should just work.

Why won’t it work

Why can’t I do it

Why can’t I

Why do you

Who do you think you are

I wish, so much, that everyone was a machine.

Reliable, consistent, predictable,

And most importantly…

There to serve me.

A Promise To Myself

It’s time to clean myself.
Time to clean from the inside.
and squeeze and starve out
the poison.

I am dry and swollen on the inside.
I am not taking care of my body.
I am going to start taking care of my body.

This is a promise to myself,
and it’s been a long time.

This is a promise to myself.


I descend
I stay fat,
on the surface.

I stay fat because I give up my search.

I settle in and do not move forward.

It’s the darkness that we see in ourselves
that clouds the sky
and shades the day into night.

What is it that we don’t want to see

What is it?

Darkly because we are dark…and why

Look at your fear of oblivion,
your fear of your fear
of your oblivion.

Your fear of your fear…

We all, always, can journey further into ourselves, if we want to.

“Want” – very important.

ultimately you must choose

you are choosing.

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