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I’ve Had It Wrong All Along

You can’t out hypocrite a hypocrite
You can’t out coward a coward
You can’t out righteous the righteous

I see you.

If you say YES because you want to DO THINGS
You will say YES to anything you want
And not look for the consequences,
be they hidden
or right in front of your eyes.

Makes sense.

If you say YES because you say you want to be safe
You will say YES to anything that makes you feel safe
And justify any consequence
Based on your feeling of safety.

Makes sense.

If you say YES because you say the science matters
And you don’t take the same action
around Sugar
and on and on and on…
Then you are an obvious hypocrite

Makes sense.

If you say YES because you’re terrified and don’t know what to do
you are honest.

If you persecute others because they are not terrified and do know what to do
you are a tyrant.

If you say it’s a free world
and in a free world
people can make whatever choices they want
you are right.

If you think it’s necessary to have an authority that dictates the “Free World” you talk about…

You have what you want.

Your Wonderful Thing

What is your Wonderful Thing?

Quiet now, maybe you’ve forgotten…

Take comfort,

forgetting only means you’ve been distracted.

You can return home

you’re Wonderful Thing has not forgotten you.

What is your Wonderful Thing?

Where does your heart play

and your mind, just rides along
where do you find your human song
and do you know it’s been there
all along

What makes your hand dance
and your problems grey…

Shapes In Fog

It’s hard to see
to me

It’s hard to see
Around and between
it’s hard to see
life without me

And yet
here I am
walking and talking
like a man

It’s hard to see

But there’s something there
shapes in fog
and then gone again
and then re-appear
shapes in fog
there’s something there

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