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Comedy is Back, The Perfect Therapy

I was worried for a while. Seeing comedy giants spinning their wheels, trying to find their way during the insanity of the last few years, man…Covid really fucked us up and they, the comics, were not immune.

There’s nothing worse for comedy than fear. Fear destroys comedy and even the biggest and best (with the possible exception of Ricky Gervias and Norm Mac) were feeling it. That’s right, Chapelle felt it, Burr felt it and their comedy suffered. To me it was like when Michael Jordan came back from his first retirement to baseball. He scored like 50 his first time out but then he got eaten up in the playoffs and for the first time ever, I experienced Jordan as human. This is what it was like with Burr and Chapelle, two guys that NEVER miss, missed.

But not anymore.

Like humans do, they processed. The manufactured crises that lead to an actual crises has passed and they, like me and you, had time to look around and examine WTF just happened.

And now some of the best are back doing what they do best, which is talking about things that we aren’t supposed to talk about. What a gift the comedian has, to be able to take our deepest secrets, things we don’t even tell ourselves and shout them outloud.

Check out this clip and many more from Burr, including takes on abortion that is such a genius bit…

And this clip from Jim Breuer

It’s not about whether his right or not, whether people actually got sick, whether the vaccine helped or didn’t…it’s not about any of that. It’s about the truth we don’t talk about but resides inside us. Yes, some of us fall on one side of the comedy as those that are mocked and some of us fall on the side of those doing to mocking, but it’s a constantly moving target and no matter what, good comedy will show you both how it feels to be mocked and how it feels to mock and most importantly it will use humor as the took to provide a humanitarian solution to our very individual fear and pain.

Good comedy is like perfect therapy.

Thank you to all the comics who stand and who have gone through their own pain to process and use their gift! You can not underestimate their importance in the health of our society nor the reality that they are under attack.

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