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Body Language

I use my body
I thank my body
I use my body

I use my body
like a tool
the best tool
the super tool
the tool that
repairs itself

My body will
repair itself
it prefers
to repair
in work
there is plenty
of rest

Plenty of rest
for my body
and I heard the
most truth
when it was said
that if I miss the
cues of my body
my body will
show me the cues

My body will get sick
if I miss the cues
even then
the options to health
are many
and not all include
More consciousness

And I can talk
to my body
and it will listen
but I’ve had to coach
coach my body
because I was taught
to ignore my body
I wasn’t taught
that my body was
Like I am alive
I wasn’t taught
that my body
can be my partner
my willing partner

So I’ve had to coach
my body
but it’s truly
learning to control
my body
my allergies
my cramps
my sickness
my diziness
my anxiety

I can control these things
I am not a magician
the body is not mystical
as much as it’s
un-spoken to

Speak to your body
not as if you don’t

Speak to your body
as if you’re speaking
to your child
your friend
your partner

Speak to your body
as if you expect
a response
do not demand
but treat your body
as if it has a choice
to respond
treat it with respect
when you speak to it

This is much more
than eating healthy
or exercise

Speak to your body
as if he or she
is a friend you’re
meeting again
for the first time

Speak to your body
like this
and your body will
and you will open doors
to health
and wonder

Speak to your body
like you love it
and want it to love
and want it to do
things for you
because it can
and it will
and it will
do things you never
thought possible
and more

Speak to your body

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