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Who TF is “They”

What’s happening here is what’s been happening forever.

Divide and conquer by conflating things that didn’t used to be able to be conflated.

Conflate: combine (two or more texts, ideas, etc.) into one.

Like “organic” and “apple”.

Originally it wasn’t an organic apple.

It was an apple.

Now no kid and many young adults don’t even know that there is such a thing as just an apple.

Now whatever mechanism, be it conscious or subsconcious, that drives the great forgetting in favor of efficiency or control or whatever…is bringing together the idea that the only reason to be against a vaccine is because you’re immune…which although it’s a good argument is not close to the foundational argument.

With the apple, the foundational argument is that before anyone fucked around with it, it was an apple. That’s an important distinction if you ever want to find your way out of the woods. If you never know it was an apple, then you’re also missing entire foundational swaths of knowledge of how the world works (and the assumption, my assumption, is that it’s a net positive to understand or have an experience of how the world works outside of and before the manipulations of human hands).

With the vaccine and the political parties we now have a concept being cemented into the new ground floor of understanding. This new floor will cover the foundational argument that a human being, fundamentally has a right to do whatever they want with no requirment to check in with anyone else before acknowledging that right. Immature people, at this point, will say “you can’t hurt people” but that is obvious and distracting so if you’re thinking like that, try to stop and think more conceptually than specifically.

Conceptually a human being is the soveriegn being, we are the greatest example, hope and inspiration behind all things good and that’s because, before anything, before anything we do not need to justify our own thoughts, feelings or actions to anyone. Conceptually. As soon as the human has the seed of obligatory justification planted it will be one generation before the cellar of the human consciousness that houses the infinite and human fire is cemented over to have sky skrapers and parking lots take it’s place and then the human becomes just like the things he is so good at creating, a product, to be used and driven and parked and made to work and perform with no recollection other than a faint discomfort, a distant reminder that one time there was no justification.

DeSantis is a crooked pawn. Florida is a crooked Pawn. Biden is a crooked pawn. They are all crooked pawns. The game they are playing is a sick game. They are trying to make us forget that we are human. They are trying to make us think we need them and their system to be human. They are trying to dehumanize us.

Maybe this is hard to grasp. Maybe it’s hard because to grasp it means you can’t participate without completely soiling your conscience. Maybe it’s hard because it’s scary to realize that everything. Every. Single. Thing you think you know is wrong or, at least, narrow like the sliver from a tree.

Life is good. It’s better than the system we have. It wasn’t always like this, I don’t think, but it’s like this now. Life cares and wants it to be better, but nothing’s going to happen without you.

It’s all a game.

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