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Open Writing #1 Collection

There’s so much ripeness. I’ve picked a bunch of “fruit” and now it’s to create something beautiful and delicious before it rots. I will be touching back on these writings for as long as the fruit remains ripe. I would love and appreciate your thougts and feelings on whatever topic moves you.

  • Can “Vermont” Lead Us?
  • Guilt and Shame are Flavors Not Food
  • Courageous Parenting
  • Why I Love Monuments
  • If You Haven’t Changed, Why Do You Expect Others To Have Changed?
  • Advice To Black People
  • The Real War Is Coming
  • We’re Always Fighting The State
  • I’m a Racist Heathen and It’s My World

Can “Vermont” Lead Us?
The Brave Little State speech is like a lifeline today, a lifeline that has been under assault, known or not, by our political apparatus which are not completely but overwhelmingly driven by financial desires. “Vermont” can lead us…

I love Vermont because of her hills and valleys, her scenery and invigorating climate, but most of all because of her indomitable people. They are a race of pioneers who have almost beggared themselves to serve others. If the spirit of liberty should vanish in other parts of the Union, and support of our institutions should languish, it could all be replenished from the generous store held by the people of this brave little state of Vermont.

Calvin Coolidge, 1928 “Brave Little State”

Guilt and Shame are Flavors Not Food

Making decisions because of guilt or shame is following a sociopathic morality and a lot of “normal” people are doing that.

Courageous Parenting
There’s no getting it right but there is getting it wrong. In fact sometimes the only way we can find our way is by continuously getting it wrong, seeing it’s wrong and making an adjustment to a lesser wrong. Courageous parenting is getting it less wrong. But this is very hard, next to impossible in the social systems we’ve created, and it would be very hard to do without support of a community who believe as you, even if it’s a tiny community.

Why I Love Monuments
Someone, generally before we were alive, wanted us to remember something. They wanted us to remember so much that they built great structures that took great resources and even lives. What did they want us to remember and why is it important to remember?

If You Haven’t Changed, Why Do You Expect Others To Have Changed?
Have you changed your beliefs? Or have you just gotten more familiar with what you believe and more invested? Can you see the futility of thinking others should change if you haven’t? It’s pretty easy to see what’s coming when you look at the consistency of how people behave. Until that consistency is broken, nothing will change in the way we want it to.

It’s crazy, right? It’s like everyone thinks they just got the new information that will finally convince everyone else who’ve been adamantly opposed to finally agree. What the hell is that about? Have you noticed that the arguements have only changed content? Yes, and now everyone’s adding the condecension into their posts to reflect that not only are you, as the one holding the opposing viewpoint, wrong in your viewpoint but you are also of lesser intelligence and moral character than “I” and “I” will be sure you know that (because making sure people who you disagree with feel morally and intellectually inferior is a sure sign of the moral high ground).

It’s really basic in some ways. We have an important bunch of things to talk about. People are listening and people care but there’s a very vocal and fairly large group of people who have proclaimed, with no evidence whatsoever, that THEY are the authority on what is good and bad. These folks haven’t changed, they feel more like themselves than ever and that’s the most terrifying thing because while many people have taken this #GreatPause to to painful, introspective work, to deepen their understanding of how we are all connected, how our mutual actions and mutual behavior matters, as we seek towards justice in the world.

It’s really basic but some just don’t get it. If you’re behaving in a cruel, oppressive, violent, hateful way towards others, if you are belittling, shaming or using fear to motivate others (or yourselves) you cannot achieve Justice for anyone. But you will achieve something, it might be a different form of Justice for yourself but it won’t be the Justice you seek.

Are you the type that uses these strategies to try to convince others of your own moral standing? Are you the type that says it’s ok to shame people into changing their viewpoints and then call that progress? Are you the type to behave in a hateful way towards others on your question to achieve a less violent society for people? Time to take a hard freaking look in the mirror if you are and if you’re not sure, just go back over your social media posts, take a look at who you are in that realm and you’ll have your answer.

Advice To Black People
Black Power and if you really want justice, how to talk to white people (Capitalization intended exactly as is).

The Real War Is Coming
when you focus on differences, war is inevitable because you can always find differences. The biggest difference in our existence is not skin color or money, it’s what we are familiar with as The Male and what we are unfamiliar which is known as the “Female” but is more accurately described as the “Non-Male”.

We’re Always Fighting The State
“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn’t exist”.

How “The State” must have chaos because without it, what would be it’s job and how this creates a false belief that the State is the authority on human rights and the only grantor and we are driven so insane by this belief that we sit silent in our humanity while screaming at the top of our lungs that we have not been granted something that is impossible to grant and when the impossiblity is then bestowed on us, we find no joy because joy is not possible with false grantings and meanwhile the thing we truly want has been forgotten or distracted from and the state of that thing, the truly important thing has become more jeapordized than it was before we undertook to have it’s solution granted to us.

The State is rule. It is designed to create and enforce rules. It’s not designed to promote humanity, it can’t because the State has only one mechanism for change, force. We have fallen so far away from an appropriate State entity that there should be no arguement for increased State anything!

Look at how we are all running around arguing with each other, screaming and yelling and fighting for things that cannot be granted. We cannot grant justice, we cannot grant equality, we cannot grant peace, we cannot grant these things and yet not only do we try to have them granted to us, we have creates a behemoth, the State, that takes our money on top of not being able to grant us the things we most dearly want.

Arguements about this are low hanging fruit and can be summed up simply by taking the example of the “Civil Rights Movement” of the 60’s where the illusion that a State Mechanism could some how grant civility to a person was played out in full. This is the Devil convincing the people he doesn’t exist. How did we come to believe, in the first place, that a State, could grant us our humanity? How was this initial tricked played on us and how did we buy into that so completely that people have died and killed to achieve not only the unachievable but to also poison their own sense of morality and to then feed that poison to the next generation?

My arguement is that we have died and killed, sacrificed and suffered for the fantasy that The State can somehow save us, save our humanity or be the primary driver of a humane life and worse, yes, worse we have not only suffered great pains and death to uphold this fantasy but worse we refuse the messages of our soul and from our children. We refuse to hear the messages of our children. Before we let them speak, before we hear them…we inform them, we inject them with this poison fantasy that is ours alone and we do this in action well before we speak it and because our children are the most effective learning machines and pattern machines they pick it up almost immediately and with nothing in place to interrupt the base assumption that they are not good enough and that they must seek the approval of the the State (Authority) to validate their goodness, a goodness and righetousness that we demonstrate can only be granted from above, we poison our children, we ensure the cycle of war.

Whether we want to see it or not, people are not the enemy of people. The State can be an enemy of people and in most cases, maybe all cases, it is, if you must find an enemy. If you must find a fight and maybe we must, let the fight be against the State. If we must tame and topple and demand and threaten, let it be against a State that seeks to make us believe we need it in a way that it must be inserted into every aspect of our lives. We do not need it. The State is like technology, it’s our bitch, we use it, not the other way around.

I’m a Racist Heathen and It’s My World

What is all this arguing about
Crazy white people
Black children
White children
Crazy black people

Children. All.

Trouble Time

I think it’s time to get into some trouble.

I’ve been writing since I was, what…12 or so…maybe 11.
I’m sometimes good at it
Mostly indulgent
With brief sparks of clarityand beauty (I think).

I started and written many blogs in my life
Hundreds of posts
and diarrhea (sorry about that)

I started a blog called “Lynch”
the day after Trump was elected
The first poem was called”Rooting for Trump”.

It was my outlet for processing the world.
I love social media for what it makes possible
I hate social media for what it makes possible
I work to stay on the “love” side

The more I face the violence
and apathy in myself
the more I find the necessity for art
because art transcends externalities
and has the potential to touch souls
and now, more than ever,
touching souls is what I think we need,
It’s what I need.

There is so much that has been unsaid
There is so much that has been left unsaid
As a male as a man as a boy
I am conditioned to heroic stoicism
but worse
I benefit from my silence
Not a real benefit
But the perception of safety
The perception of acceptance
My benefit is only a perception
and is not real
In fact, if I am a good person,which I realize I am,
the reality is my silence
has created the world
And I think the world needs to change
so I think trying a different approach might be good.

As the GREAT Peter Tosh sings
“I don’t want no peace, I want
equal rights and justice”.

Before anything and anyone
My son and all those I love
I want justice for myself
my internal self
and without speaking
with curiosity
convictionand experience
I can never know my internal self
and if I can not know my Internal self
I cannot have justice for myself
and if I cannot have justice for myself
I can never attempt to offer justice to the world.
There is so much to say
So much to express
so much pain
so much love
and much fear
and much hate

So with the intent to pierce hate
with Love
and to temper fear with Character
I will be releasing “LYNCH”
to the world
I hope you’re affected
In a way that touches
your soul.

The Vermont Game

Are you happy with your life? Have you asked yourself this question? Do you dare ask? I didn’t start asking myself this question until I was about 48. Really daring myself to look, past all my stereotypes and habits, underneath my fully conditioned pride and way beyond what anyone else wanted me to see.

And now that I’m done asking, I’m listening. Listening to myself, daring to listen because there are answers deep below that are not extinct, just buried. And now that the hamsterwheel has stopped and I’ve gotten my footing, I feel like I never want to go back. It’s just a feeling. It’s not based in any logic but it’s also not based in any fear. It’s just how I feel and I’m paying attention to it.

So enough of the philosophizing, for now, anyway. Well, one more thing…don’t let the non-storytellers tell you how to tell your stories. Your stories, for some, are all you have and they matter and if you pretend you’re not a good story teller, but you are or want to be, you’re selling yourself way short. Tell your stories everyone, tell your stories.

I have a story for you, actually it’s more of a game

It’s a game about an experiment. It’s actually a play along…it requires crowd participation, like one of those murder mystery dinners or escape room escapades. You all think you know better, to some extent, than, say, Governor Scott about how to run the State of Vermont, right? Don’t lie. If you’ve ever complained once about State Government or Federal Government, you think you can do it better.

Ok here’s the story.

You are the leader of Vermont – whatever that means for you. You have control of the purse strings, you get to dictate where things are spent, how they’re spent, who spends them and so on. You have to hire people to get the job done, you can’t do it all yourself but you have free reign to hire anyone you want, as long as it’s legal in the current system.

Now this isn’t about really getting into the nitty gritty, it’s more of a feel thing, it’s more of a yes or no question with some possible developments for some of you that want to go further.

So we need to give you a budget and you need to think about what you imagine the biggest challenges are in Vermont. What needs help, what’s good, in your opinion only…visualize it, think about it as much as you can. What’s your top 5? Ok, got it?


Your budget to get the people in the places you need to solve or address whatever you think are the most pressing issues…is…

Two Hundred and Seventy-Five Million Dollars.

The question’s are:

1-Is this enough to address the problems you feel we need to address

2-Is this not enough

3-Is this too much

I have to know so please don’t keep me waiting. Play! – simple and then I’ll tell everyone who played the answers and you can see how you did!

Ok – have fun – thanks for reading.

The Leaders Are You

Wondering where all the leaders have gone
but now,
it’s been 2 decades and 3
and I can’t lie to myself
like before
that someone will stop the madness.

There is no one coming.
The ones in power are there
because I’ve waited
because I’ve stayed away
because I’ve pretended.

And the ones in power
are not going to make things better
that’s not what they do
they can’t
and I shouldn’t expect them to
so I won’t.

I am the leader.
You are the leader.
The leaders are us.

Look at what’s happening…
my god…
it’s all so human
it’s all so tragic
it’s all so fearful
it’s all so masculine
it’s all so forceful
Look at what’s happening…

Look to yourself to make it better
look to yourself to make it better
look to yourself to make it better.

Eternity and Me

I got back to the silence of the mountains

It was like breath

Like soul

I felt the vibrations

The call back to peace

Even though I’ve been removed

And have been coming back

The absence

And refreshment

Was like a blood transfusion

It is there

On that Mountain

Deep into the woods

There’s nothing there

But eternity and me.

The Steamroller Of Life-Pt. 1

an idea with green mountains
a philosophy with pure water
and my philosophy isn’t the same
and my idea isn’t the same
as yours.

So possessive
am I, of my ideas
So possessive
am I, of my “I”
without knowing it
I need it
without knowing it
I don’t breathe without it

My “I”
not freedom,
chains and heavy
my “I”

I never want my son to feel this heaviness
this reliance on being recognized

And I continue to follow
in my desire and fear
and achieve the things I am most afraid of

My “I”
my map
my knowledge
my way
to what can only be,
and I know this now,
misery and want.

But what about the feeling
The one about getting rolled over
by the steamroller of life
and people
if you don’t stand and proclaim
if you don’t stand and proclaim
and fight
what about that steamroller of life

It’s coming for me.

Politics Got Nothing On Love!

The reason for “Straight Pride” is the reason for Trump.

It’s a response to people putting the State in a position of authority over themselves. They feel unrecognized and they themselves only recognize one way out – to appeal to the faceless behemoth that they’ve been taught is the ultimate creator and arbiter of human rights.

Whose fault? Who knows. But most people aren’t concerned with other people doing what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt them. So what if the system that now blindingly oppresses was created by these same people. We’re missing the point if our view is to blame the people that created the system. No matter who or how the system of oppression was created, it was created before a time of mass self-awareness. We are in a time of a turning, an awakening to our own power, violence, intolerance, compassion and love.

We are missing the point.

Our reliance, each and every one of us, on the State to be the example and upholder of humanity is the biggest mistake and confusion. The State cannot and will not ever be able to fulfill the role that so many desperately want it it. It can never give love, acceptance, justice, equality, it is not equipped or designed for that and yet all of society continues to clamour for these things to be legislated.

The only thing the the State can give us are laws and criminalization as the punishment if you break these laws. This is where we are in our civilization and our culture, we think in terms of laws and punishment instead of love and acceptance. Why is this?

Is it because we’re too afraid to face, within ourselves our own dark and punishing natures; have we given up all responsibility for facing these things to a State mechanism that can’t possibly see us as humans but must instead see us as criminals or non-criminals?

It is this neglect of ourselves, this turning away from our hearts and souls, that is crushing the human spirit and crushing our civil society. As each separate “culture” seeks to find what they are missing or what has been withheld from the external world, they only ensure their continued oppression. It is not possible to achieve justice externally before it is achieved internally and it is the same for acceptance, tolerance, compassion and love. We cannot ever create these things in the external world, without first creating them internally. And the confusion around this simple fact is why we live in the world we live in today.

Government can not ensure human freesom. The best it can do is to provide, as directed by the people, the loosest structure that allows for the people from all different cultures and walks of life, to learn how to live together, humanly and humanely.

The more we clamour to be recognized by anything outside ourselves the more we move away from our greatest power and the greatest power that exists…Love. Every time we beg an outside force for freedom or justice or equality we ensure the opposite for ourselves and our people, we ensure the opposite for our children.

Something can be done about this but it’s a true revolution. It’s a revolution of LOVE and it’s a deadly serious thing. It requires a disruption in our lives and in our hearts, it requires a re-allignment with our true natures, not the natures we have all been taught, of fear and lack and loss and violence. There are people speaking out, they’re not as hard to find as they once were. They’re not associated with power or party, they’re associated with love and humanity. Find these people, support these people, become one of these people.

Minimum Wage Law is Bullshit and Will Create the Opposite of What People Implementing it Want, Unless What They Want is More Poverty

Larry Elder says California will lose 400,000 jobs sure to $15 minimum wage
I really like to write. This is the blog with the most history for me and I haven’t been here in almost a year. Just happens I’m sitting in a coffee shop (PK Coffee – Stowe, VT), back in Vermont and picking up this blog again. It feels great, like coming home.
And so why not just open it up…

(MWL)Minimum Wage Law (in Vermont and anywhere) is Bullshit. And I mean that in the nicest way. I mean it in the nicest way because I do believe that most of us are more similar than we are led to believe, want to believe or allow ourselves to experience (more on this another time, but it’s a problem). I believe most of the strongest proponents of minimum wage law want things to be better for people. I believe they care about people and they want to do good. And it’s with that belief in mind that I call BULLSHIT because I assume that people who want to do good, really do want to do good more than they want to be right and so therefor calling BS is helpful because it helps to redirect focus so that good things can actually be accomplished rather than just promoted.

I was discussing this the other day with two people who were staunch supporters of Minimum Wage Law, so much so that they were dismissive of my questions, even the slightest thoughts that maybe it’s not a good idea was met by this hard line that’s hard to describe but easy to experience. It was like I was a little child, I guess, or maybe a women in the company of misogynists. They expressed in absolutes saying things like “there is no doubt…” and “the data all shows…” and then kind of gloating over their own responses while leaving me to feel (If I happened to be 7 years old) stupid, immature, and not worthy of my own perspective, I’m glad I’m not 7 years old.

These two people told me to “just Google it, there’s so much data that shows how minimum wage law is helpful to communities”. Now just to be clear, I am no proponent of Minimum Wage Law at all, I think it’s bad for society in a big way and bad especially for the people it’s seeking to help. But that being said, I thought, Ok, I’ll try it, I’ll Google this and find out what’s “out there”. I expected I would have to dig, not too much but maybe to the second page of results, to find data that supported my position but I had no doubt I’d find it.  So I searched this “Minimum Wage Law Success or Failure” (Try it). And I was completely surprised at what came up, and then I wrote this post.

Disclosure: I have done no more searching since I searched the above statement. I got the information I needed and it was enough for me in this context.  The first three results were all negative towards the success of MWL. They were current, they were articles in mainstream media and they were all headlines that illuminated that maybe it’s not working out so well. The reason I was surprised wasn’t because I was questioning my belief but because these two people who are so convinced that MWL is the right choice that they told me to search, hadn’t actually searched themselves. And not only that but that the top three (and maybe it was more…but I didn’t look) results in Google are all mainstream articles exploring the ideas that in Seattle and maybe one other city, MWL wasn’t working the way people had expected and that it actually may be hurting the people it was supposed to help.

Don’t get me wrong though, and I went back just now to take a closer look. There is news saying that MWL is helpful and saying that it’s the “Conservatives” making up stories in regard to any negative perspective but even those articles are older, like 2015, 2016. The most recent articles, 2017, are negative (accurate in their negativity in my opinion). And so I’m right back where I started. What the hell is going on?

Honestly I don’t think it’s as much a  Minimum Wage Law issue…it’s a people being willing to really challenge their beliefs issue. Where are those people? Are you one?  And just to let you know, if you think I’m not challenging my beliefs, if you ever meet me or have met me and feel like I’m being closed minded (which I certainly have been many thousands of times in my life) please tell me…and I’ll check myself, because I do want to do good, I do want to help people, I do want things to get better and I have a lot of experience where my own Bullshit has gotten in the way of doing that.

Thanks for reading and welcome (me) back to Vermont!

School Consolidation is a Fabrication of Education

The general concept of school consolidation doesn’t feel right to me. It feels like we’re treating children like objects, it feels like the Wal-Mart-I-Zation of our schools. You know what else doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t feel right that we are spending billions and billions of dollars on “education” and we seem to be going in the wrong direction, meaning we’re not getting the value we want from our dollar or, more precisely, our children aren’t getting an “education” that best serves them and, of course, us.

I can’t help but wonder if the problem isn’t one of dollars and cents but more of perception. After all, the people making the decisions today are all products of our educational system. Most people, in general, are in some way a product of our educational system. When you look at the state America finds herself in today, what does it say about the system that has educated the people who have led and followed us to this point?

Is the problem that we are paying too much for education? Let me ask a different way…are you willing to pay for something if you think you are getting a good value? When put this way it seems like the problem is not that education is too expensive but that we are not getting the value from our dollar. Achieving value and cutting costs are not necessarily (and often not at all) the same things, yet with all the talk of school consolidation it would seem like they are. Which brings me back to perception. What if the problem, in this case with education, is more a failure to see the true problem and not about saving money or cutting costs. Maybe the real problem is not what we’ve been educated to think. Maybe the real problem is our inability or unwillingness to see the real problem.

Maybe we are so educated in saving money and making money that we think that those two things are the only available solutions? What if solving the crises of education in America and in small towns today has nothing to do with money? Is it safe to imagine that possibility?

Micheal Tebbano, the BCSD Superintendent said in an article this past week “…the decision should focus on children…not on four walls and a roof” (Altamont Enterprise, February 17, 2011). I couldn’t agree more. However, school consolidation is the focus on the “four walls and a roof”. If we really want to solve our educational crises we will have to have the strength to root out the true cause of the problems. With every argument that raises consolidation to the level of the solution we get further and further away from our ability to find the true solution and further and further away from focusing on children.

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