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Will You

And so today I am here.


I do not lift an axe

or pull back a hammer

I do not clench a fist

or spit acidic words




Today I am here.


In my moment

I put down my punishment

and reveal,

underneath the weight,

my bright and shining child

of the world.


Will you make your eyes big

as if you are seeing everything

for the first time

as if a child



Will you lift yourself from the normalcy

of murder and corruption.


Will you be young again

and greedy for what is yours.


Do you know what is yours.


Do you know what is yours.


Will you remember

why it is you defend

and what is being defended

in your wars.


When you rage

what is it

that you are protecting.


And when you sit quietly

-perhaps, even now, reading this –

This moment



What is in danger


Will you open your eyes

like a child


and look on the world


for the first time


Will you know


what is yours


will you see the distraction

of protection


Will you.



Social Security Is Not “Insurance”

I love when  I learn something…and I can’t help wondering why this isnt common knowledge…and then I think if it were a lot more people would want to change it.

What do you think?


Social Security Is Not “Insurance”.

Popcorn is not only delicious…The Popcorn Principle

Tonight I cooked one of my favorite foods.  Crunchy, salty, creamy and a perfect receptacle for anything sweet and syrupy…POP CORN is yummy.  But tonight was different.  Tonight, as I poured the BB like kernels into the hot pot I noticed how beautiful all the colors were.  Sally had chosen a gourmet corn that wasn’t your typical orange/yellow but instead was almost decorative in appearance…

I was excited…figuring I was going to get a beautiful bowl as colorful coming out as it was going in…

As all professional poppers know the correct way to pop corn is to coat the bottom of the pan with oil and drop a few kernels in.  Wait.  When the those first scouts pop you know the oil is ready for the rest of the corn.

From the other room – I heard the call…the muffled pop as the single drop of water inside the kernel exploded into vapor with enough force to turn the hard seed inside out.

I rushed in, four more had popped, and prepared to pour the bulk of my bounty into the sizzling pot.

It doesn’t take long when properly prepared and being a pro I was prepped to pop.  After about a minute the mosiac kernels began to explode, each turning inside out and a funny and profound thing began to happen.

I realized that popcorn and people are like peas in a pod.  My kernels before explosion were colored like an earthen rainbow, browns, blacks, yellows, oranges, purples and everything in between.  As the heat did it’s business and the hard shelled kernels exposed their innards it became clear to me that on the inside all popcorn is the same…

And so that’s my lesson for tonight and for the season.  Popcorn, like people, is the same on the inside and  I’m sure that if more people had the understanding of the Popcorn Principle the world we be a better place.

So the next time you’re tempted to judge someone because they look different.  Think of the multi-colored popcorn kernels before they expose their insides…the fact that they look different is our gift, the fact that they are the same on the inside is our responsibility!

MOST LIKELY TO SECEDE: The Vermont Resolution for Food Sovereignty – Vermont Commons


This is a short article, I think it shows the meat of the resolution that was formed in Vermont to address the illegitimacy of the bill S.510 that gives the FDA more reach, like even deeper into our pockets.  I really wonder how many people know what is going on?

MOST LIKELY TO SECEDE: The Vermont Resolution for Food Sovereignty – Vermont Commons.

Traveling with Baby…

It’s imperative to be in the right state of mind.  If you think the destination is the goal…you’re screwed…if you think the timing is goal, guess what…Screwed!  Anything short of simply enjoying an adventure with your child is asking for the type of problems that cause most parents to stay home.


So here I am at Sandy’s Books and Bakery on route 100 in Vermont.  James Arthur and I are on an adventure to go see family up in Vermont.    We started out from the Farm at 12:30, dropped mommy off and took off for the North Country – as per usual Baby JA was asleep by 1:30 and my decision became do I wake him to eat (he hadn’t eaten since 10:30am) or is it best to let a sleeping baby lie (more on this later).  I decided to let him rest, that he would tell me when he was ready to eat…I also decided that if he didn’t tell me by the time we got to Warren, VT I would stop.  Sally and I have found out how important it is to stick to some type of schedule for feedings and rest.


So now I am on the side of the road at a charming little bookshop and bakery, munching on a mushroom an rice risotto burger as James Arthur growls his way through his bottle, a calabash bowl of banana awaiting his attention.


I had to fight my impulse a bit, not too much, to “Get there, get there, get there”.  After all we’re on the road, it’s cold out, it’s a lot of work to take him in and out of the car seat, get his food ready, diaper prepared, set up the feeding, get some space in an unfamiliar area etc etc etc…but you know what, this is how I want to raise him, this is how I want to spend time with him; not just getting from place to place, not just arriving and departing but living with him in the world


And so with that we move onward in our travels and stay right here amongst ourselves, a father and son.

gnV?B √˜gg




the above is James Arthur’s contribution


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