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Jness and SOP-Beauty Of NXIVM

Women rule the world.

The fear of women, rules the world.

Men who are afraid of the response of their woman, rule the world.

Women rule the world.

I’m so grateful for what I learned in ESP. The time I got to spend with men and women who were committed to going into, rather than away from, the fog of our experiences. I’m no Budhist and I can’t stand for the actions being taken today in the name of justice, but we all are living in our own, self-generated fog. Some have travelled deeper, some have not started to travel, some are sitting in the middle of the fog screaming for something, others are dancing around in it. Most (and by most I mean just about all) of us are caught up in some level of self-deception.

If you don’t subscribe to this I would love to talk to you.

If you do subscribe to this, I would love to hear about how you incorporate this truth into your daily life and the hundreds of decisions you make every day.

One of the foggiest places I find myself (and the world) in is the relationship between men and women. Under the NXIVM umbrella we had Jness and SOP. Two organizations dedicated to the female and male perspective and also to the female perspective within the male and the male perspective within the female (this is an oversimplification).

Based on the foundation that we are a young species, humans, and that our own consciousness is even younger and the result is that we, conscious humans, have almost no understanding of the true nature of our being and therefor find ourselves in extremely narrow channels of this understanding in relation not only to our own undersanding of what a man, male, woman, female is but how they do and more, how they CAN relate to each other. The only clue we have is what we were taught by men and women who, necessarily, were less conscious than we. And these less conscious parents of ours were taught by their less conscious parents, who were taught by their less conscious people and on and on back to the apes or the fish or the apple tree or whatever you think.

Like I said, I’m not fan of how “wokeness” is driving justice, however there are points underneath some of the absurd actions that make a lot of sense, like men and women of today have almost no clue about what it means and can mean to be a man or a woman. In Jness and SOP we were exploring this and it was (and is) one of the most important things I’ve ever done.

Forgive my judgment here but it’s normally at this point in the “conversation” that simpletons say something like “YOU’RE NOT ANSWER MY QUESTIONS, WHAT DID YOU LEARN, STOP AVOIDING THE QUESTION, YOU’RE BRAINWASHED, YOU’RE NOT BEING LOGICAL, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU, YOU F%$*#ING SCUM”.


So if you’re not a simpleton I imagine you’re intrigued by the concept of consenting men and women spending hundreds, if not thousands, of hours with each other and together to explore parts of the male and the female and the relationship within and between these humanities. If you’re not intrigued…well, you’re probably pretty angry then.

It’s ok, you can get an EM. It will help.

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