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What is Justice?

I have been thinking about this.

It’s what we tell you
it’s what I say
it’s what the guns say
it’s what the laws say
it’s what the loudest say
it’s what the mobs say.

It’s what I tell you.

And I quake
and shake
and quiver…
my finger, I can feel it,
my eyes fill with red
and roll back
from the gut
I can feel it
It’s coming
hot and hard
and with the rise
comes the pointing
my finger
my safety
my understanding

I raise my hand
finger out
eyes rolling back
small spittle motivated

It’s You!


It’s You!
It’s You!
It’s You!

But I don’t understand…

Ahhhh…but that is not true.

Who Are You Voting For?

The other day I watched a three year old take a toy from his 18th month old brother on the playground. As soon as it happened the younger one immediately began to scream and started after his older brother. After two steps the youngster was yanked up by his arm and lifted out of the sandbox by dad and told “NO!” as the older brother sat there with the toy, playing.

So simple. So complete. So devastating to the idea of Justice, fairness, expression and motivation. This 18 month old child who had a built in sense of justice that was expressed in the purest form, crying, screaming and going after the one who took his toy, now has been taught that when something is taken from him, his expression, his purity of action, is wrong and will be met with disapproval from the person he is closest to. The Master Teacher (all parents) has begun the reprogramming of natural justice and foundational motivation and, in this example, punished the child for expressing his most pure desire and taught him that it’s wrong.

On the other side, the older boy has been taught he can take things with impunity. Even if he is spoken to after, told to return the toy or whatever, actions are what matter and he sees that the original violation is not addressed as his younger brother is punished for the action that he took.

Is it any wonder we have the world we have today? Who are you voting for?

The beautiful principles of Justice and fairness and the purest forms of expression and motivation have been and continue to be desecrated, not by giant corporations, corrupt politicians or rotten media, but by parents (like me) doing things without recognizing the impact. We’re running on the programming of our parents who ran on the programming of their parents who…and on and on all the way back. What happens to the sense of Justice and fairness, to expression and motivation for that 18 month old, for the older brother, for the parent if that same pattern is run over and over and over again?

I think this is why we have Trump V. Biden. I think this is why we so willingly give up our humanity and community for “federal funds” and blind acceptance. I think this is why we find ourselves today, feeling lost, overwhelmed, confused, divided and angry. This is our journey and it’s not new. To overcome our programming is to be introduced to our true selves and it will change the trajectory of the human race. Sounds big. It is, but it’s also your birthright and mine. It’s available. It’s possible. The powers that be don’t want it to happen but if you want it to happen, nothing else matters.

Who are you voting for?

I Don’t Think You Have What It Takes.

Why would you think it could be different
why the outrage
silly geese
did you think
the bombs that have been raining
for lifetimes
would be forgotten
did you think educational prisons
would be forgotten
did you think, as you played games
on your phone
what your phone cost the world
and who had to pay that cost
did you think as you ate your meals
in your homes
with your electricity
and your recliner
and your refrigeration
and your internet
and your TVs
and your long, luxurious showers…

Did you think about justice
as you’ve been luxuriating?

Do you remember the boy,
face down,

Do you remember the
dead boy on the beach?
Did you have lunch that day?
Did you go to work that day?
Did you yell at your kid that day?
Did you take a nap that day?
Did you worry about bills that day?
Did you make dinner that day?
Did you talk with friends that day?

Do you remember the dead boy on the beach?

What did you do that day?

Do you remember the naked girl
running and burned and screaming
mouth open
raging all around her
she ran naked
towards nothing
away from everything.

If you were alive for that
what did you do when you saw that picture?
Did you go back to schoool?
Did you go out to dinner?
Did you cry,
and then have sex?
Did you take a shower?
Did you read the paper
and agree?

I do not think you are a justice lover.
I think you are a coward
dressed in your caring best
and you don’t even know it.

But you could know it
you could know it
if you really cared about justice
if you really wanted to take the next step

The knowing of your own cowardice
is possible
and the knowing is wisdom
and the way is character
not righteousness.

Stand up for Justice?
I do not think
you have what it takes.


I’m not normally a criminal
but when I am
it’s usually because
I’m breaking one
of a million laws.

Where did these
million laws come from
“do this, don’t do that,
can’t you read the signs”
Tesla is right.

There’s a guy I know
and he’s hungry
his appetite is insatiable
much worse than mine
he never gets full
and what he eats
is attention
and our world
is an all you can eat

This man has no morals
he has no control
his impulse to feed
has been justified
by a system
that’s been designed
to give us
exactly what we want.

This system is so effective
it will destroy itself
without pause
in service to our wants
it will give us everything
we want
and until and unless
we stop feeding ourselves
the scraps
and being grateful
for the scraps
the main dish
will continue to strangle
us all.

And the man I know
with no morals
he doesn’t know
and that makes him vicious
but, for fucks sake,
we need to stop him
not for honor

But for fucking Justice.

It’s Hard to be Friends

I’m talking with friends about Trump
and impeachement
and we don’t agree
and it doesn’t feel like friends,
but I’m going to try harder,
because I think we are friends.

When someone says they don’t agree,
what are your options?

When you’ve laid out your arguements
laid all all you have
and it’s crystal clear to you
and they still don’t agree,
what are your options?

I think this is the question it would be good to answer,
before answering the other questions.
Because I don’t think we agree.
And I don’t think it’s because we don’t have the “facts”.

I think we don’t agree because we feel hurt
and unresolved in our hurt
and our fear of being hurt more.
Who wants to be hurt more?

What are our choices in this, however?
Will we hurt others so as not be hurt more ourselves?
What if these others have never hurt us?
Or more difficult, what if they have?

This seems fundamental to me,
this seems like a foundational principle,
this seems like MLK, Ghandi, Buddha, Jesus,
this seems like non-violence.

This seems like peace.

But we may not be ready for peace.
It seems as if we are not ready for peace
by the way we treat those we disagree with,
and that’s “ok”.

“Ok” in the sense that it’s better to accept it
than to pretend we want peace and justice
so much that we will use force and violence
to achieve it.

Using force and violence and hate and anger
to achieve Peace and Justice is a way worse world
than might is right.

Give me straight up, honest bruttishness
over wolves in sheeps clothing any day.

So I guess, maybe it’s hard to be friends,
maybe that’s the point,
what is it worth to be friends?

Do you believe you can achieve Peace and Justice
through hatred, anger, violence and force?

It’s going to hard to be friends if that’s the case.

Without Intent

There’s always someone pulling the strings
there’s a big presence in the sky
or in your heart
or in your mind
someone’s making the choice.

Is it god?
Is it you?
Is it your parents?
Is it the world?
Is it culture?
Is it a mean person?
Is it the devil?

Someone’s making the choice.

How do you know
if it’s the devil

You don’t.

You step out onto the plank
with the best intent in your heart
and you see what happens.

And with the same intent
you judge what happens
evaluate what happens
check your intent

And make another choice.

There are those that say
intent doesn’t matter…
they are the ones who will stand by
while the devil makes them happy
on the way to hell.

Intent matters if you think you’re powerful
if you want to be powerful
if you want to be kind
if you want to be a real person,
rather than a shadow.

Intent matters, if you do not want
to be a shadow.

Justice and intent are intertwined
to have true Justice
the person who creates damaging things
must have an opportunity
to recognize
and make right.

Without intent – there is no justice.
only punishment.

There Is Only One Enemy

I’m thinking about my privilege. Privilege to sit and write while listening to music, while having coffee. Privilege to be warm at the touch of a finger and for my son to be warm as a result of my ability to work and earn money in a relatively safe environment while he is kept in a relatively safe environment by and with others who share my privilege. The relative ease of safety (the disclaimer is that none of us are ultimately safe but that there is relative safety) is really the privilege. My situation does not require me to think about the safety of my life and/or the safety of my family with any degree of regularity, if at all.

I am not meant to be afraid.

I, as a lightly colored (“white”), American, male am not meant to be afraid. I am a descendant of the victors and the system was built by “me” for “me”. I actually don’t think there’s anything wrong with this…What else were they supposed to do? I mean I guess they could have had some compassion, forethought, mindfullness of what they were creating and how it would impact others, but they didn’t. So, in that case, it’s understandable even logical.

It doesn’t make right any abuses of power.

It will be interesting, if you look at life as a pendulum swinging a razors edge, to see who gets cut as the giant blade of society and culture swings back with equal, reciprocal necessity. It will be interesting to see if we’ve grown, if we’ve become any different than our captors or if we’re just changing roles in the prison of the pendulum. Some people taking their turn to be cut while others have the privilege of safety, but only temporary as the pendulum gathers it’s speed towards the end of it’s arc where it will stop for the briefest of moments before it reverses course again to pick the same “victims”.

Or is it possible this upheaval will lead to something greater, something that escapes the karma of the pendulum, something that escapes Karma all together (If you want to experience a little more about escaping Karma you can read some Eckhard Tolle).

The upheaval is not a color issue, not a class issue, not a nationality issue…it’s bigger and deeper than all of that, it’s the issue we’ve all earned as the human team and now we get to look at it, if we want.

The upheaval is the powerful against the non-powerful.

All other injustices are not irrelevant but are a distraction. The only question that should be asked is “who has the power” and “are they abusing it”. It’s so important to look and listen and think through the headlines to who is in power, who stays in power, and what power is serving. If you look out into the world today through the lense of social media and the internet it’s pretty easy to see that power is serving fear and division.

When you sit and talk to someone who looks different from you it’s pretty easy to see that although there may be fear, there is no need for division and in fact, it’s division that help to seed and grow the fear.

I am particularly interested to see what role I will play and particularly interested to have the inner conscience of the Female who is quickly gathering a certain power, on display and considered. I am curious to see how Females process the responsibility that Males have traditionally carried or if they’re even aware of the depth to which it exists. I am curious to see what the 21st century man looks like (I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen him yet, alive anyway).

Don’t believe the hype. Net Neutrality probably saved us. Think about that, challenge your beliefs, challenge my beliefs. There is so much more going on than we can possibly know. What does it mean that we think we know it.





You Surpers

why listen to a blind man

talk of the brightness of the day.

is it that you cannot see

or that you refuse to look.

I always thought you

were there to protect me.

But I was wrong.

and then I thought, what is it that needs protecting?

who will allow me to be a savage

or a sloth

and ensure justice among men.

who will stop the usurpers

and the deciders of choice who lurk, lazily,

litigating liturgical lifeblood

lackadaisical liberty lovers

lustfully leveling licentious lessons

limp little looters

leftover lepers

but lo

there is only and forever


and yet again what can this kind


that is more powerful than we

perhaps the question is

not what do they have

but why do we care?

Because life is so big

it’s so big

and I do not wish to be chained

one bit

not one bit

I do not want fences

I do not want rope

no matter how soft

or comfortable

I do not want anything made for me

that I do not ask for

I do not want to strategize to avoid


or to be beset by force

I will take care of myself

and in that care I will define my own


as it is meant to be defined

oh what we have given up

oh the choices we have made

narrower and narrower

like the vortex of the tornado

we distill our generalizations

to the point of a pin

and then begin

but by that time

there is no room to move

nor breathe

except in our delusion

and fantasy

and so our mind expands

like the jowls of a slovenly man

feasting on the comfort of death

and our body withers


while fortitude festers

and falls away

replaced by a screaming

pinwheeling madness

as the knife’s cut releases

what once was us

and we bleed out



and choking

only still lifting our hands

to feed ourselves.

What is there to protect?

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