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The Vision Chronicles

The Vision for My Life, November 22, 2014, Clifton Park, NY:

Back online after some says of pen and paper.  I want to be a man who overcomes the importance of his body.  I want to drive myself way past the boundaries of my skin and familiarity. But for what? Because I can, I suppose and because in doing so I would become all the best things.  The explorer, the adventurer, the hero slaying old dragons and basking in treasure.  I want it from an entrepreneurial sense…I want it because it is available.  I want to be a man who can transcend his skin for value, for principle, I want to know what it feels like inside, in my deepest core to chose love over fear (hate).  I want to see what I can build if I make that choice day after day, minute after minute.  I want to know, for myself, what that is and what it looks like. To truly follow the path of love, internal love. This would look like being fit, athletically ready, mentally sharpened, emotionally opened with the deep understanding that one cannot be defeated by anything but one’s self. I want men to transcend because I want to transcend. I want to produce and provide and army of justice, of love. I want men to have the tools of love and compassion and to use them to change the application of violence in the world and to live greater, better, more human lives.

Vision for my Day:

I have a practical day, I will prepare for DJing better than I ever have.  I will have it all tested and written down and organized before I go.  There is a good possibility that Sally will be late. I will fast today in recognition of my lie and to make my body know that it’s not ok to do this. The greater part of me will take the lead with compassion for my sufferer and for my tantruming child as I fast. I feel the lethargy and the gravitational pull to eat.  I will fight that. I will work internally to connect with why I am fasting and to feel the feelings and demonstrate love for myself and for the part of me that just wants to be comfortable.  I will recognize my feelings and temper the urge with my desire to be a better man.

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