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Practical Poetry – or – The F(fooled) D(d’ya) A(again)

The labels says:

“The FDA has said no significant difference has been shown & no test can now distinguish between milk from rBGH treated and untreated cows.”

It doesn’t belong

but there it is

as if the FDA is some kind of business

some kind of creative force

as if the FDA is the one that needs protection.

They are afraid of the truth

why would farmers reject the use of rBGH

why would they want cows as they are

and are meant to be

why would that be important

A farmer chooses to care in a way that best reflects

who he is

and what he believes

the cow is as perfect as the human

as the milk

as the water

as the grain

as the corn

they are all of nature and bountiful in their innocence

A farmer chooses a natural path

a path that has been chosen for all of human time.

A business chooses to care in a way that best reflects

it’s values

Seeking out others in creation

that share the value

today it happens

that the value is milk,

milk in it’s most natural state

nothing needed, nothing added

no humans trying to perfect

what is perfect

what happens you we attempt to perfect


rBGH happens

the FDA happens

shit happens

and in this marriage of values,

a farmer’s toil and love

a businesses manifestation of it’s values

there is an invader

there is a cancer

a usurper

a liar

an infector

a virus

there is a crazy man at the wheel

and somehow we have all been convinced

of our need for him

The FDA forces the ones that choose nature

that choose purity

that say no to perfecting the perfect


them to promote an opposing value –

what treason, what reason

what treason

there is no FDA without the farmer or the businessman

and just let bessie’s master

force the FDA

to propagandize nature


The fucking FDA…

Ohh I wish for you to understand


the evidence is here

the evidence is clear

there is no defense to be waged

The F(ool) D(‘ya) A(gain)

this is the world we live in

the world we allow

this is the world we allow


as long as they



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