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The Soul Economy

I’ve seen more people walking

I saw this one guy, today,
one of 5, trailing the others
on the walk,
looking as miserable as miserable
can be.

Out there doing it.
In three more months,
this guy will be as fit
as he’s been in 35 years.

If the pandemic doesn’t kill him
it will save his life.

And isn’t that a great way to look at it!

Where have we heard that before,
what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…
Of course, being killed, well it ruins
your whole day.

But, if as a result of your death,
you knew people would be made stronger
or die themselves,
what a test!

We must give thanks for the pandemic
and see it with grateful eyes
for waking us up
to what we have forgotten.

What have you, now, remembered
What are you now grateful for
and if you feel nothing now,
wait a bit, maybe you need more time.
But if you never feel grateful,
you will never be grateful,
even in death.

If you are never grateful
you will always be looking
and not realize,
it’s the looking that’s the problem.

The worst thing that could happen,
not because it’s not a good idea
for those who want to save it,
is to go back to jobs.

That would be best for this economy
“they” talk about
but the worst for the economy of the soul.
The soul is finally getting what it always
and only, wants
connection to the earth and to self
and to experience
and peace to enjoy it
and peace to engage the senses
and to function the way I body
needs to function.

We should do what’s best for the Soul Economy.

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