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Why Can’t We Be Friends

Why can’t we be friends?

Why do we hate each other?


We seem to be so busy focused on things we percieve out there, in the world. And from there we seem to be so motivated towards hating people that percieve things differently from us or, god forbid, want something differently from us. Our public discourse has deteriorated so profoundly (or maybe we never had it another way) that, for example, the abortion debate is being framed between people who want to kill babies and people who want freedom.

Those are the values being put against each other.

Killing babies VS Freedom.

Another example is the leak from the Supreme Court about Roe. Some people are calling the leaker a hero. Other’s are in disbelief that anyone could see such a leak as heroic. But switch it around to, for example, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, and I think you’ll see the same people take different sides, some who call the SCOTUS leak the worst evil ever might call the Snowden/Assange leaks, heroic.

And what about those who say “My body my choice” but have advocated and continue to advocate for Government mandated vaccines? There are very clear examples of people, many people, evaluating and deciding their position, not on principle but on personal feeling. Is there a problem? I think we’re experiencing the problem. There’s 7 billion individuals feeling, trying to make their feeling most important and trying to force others to feel the way they feel. That’s NOT a successful formula for peace.

We have to find another foundation from which to relate. If we don’t, there is no hope for peace. Very specificallly, there is no hope because we live in a world today where everything is amplified and where ideas and concepts travel at light speed. Technology has amplified our divisions and our insecurities and made them everything. But it’s a false foundation. It’s only based on our human frailty and our immaturity.

We think we’re grown up because society tells us if we have a job, a house, kids, a car, responsibilities…that means we’re adults. Well it may mean we’re adults, but it doesn’t mean we’re mature. It doesn’t mean we’ve grown internally. In our society we don’t have to be mature or wise to be an adult. We don’t have to be well rounded, balanced, curious or introspective to be successful. In fact one can be very successful by simply working very hard or by not working at all, if you’re born into it. “Successful” in quotes.

Humanity is young.
Humanity is immature.
Humanity is evolving.

The stage we’re out right now is like know it all teenage stage, except some of the teenagers have imense power and everyone has a microphone.

The people yelling the loudest, inspiring the most are angry and do not look first at themselves. The people who are the most visible examples of how to be in the world, do not look first at how they effect the world. They do not look at how they are in the world, they do not look at themselves in any way. They simply point their finger with disgust.

This is why we hate each other.

We’re not willing to look inside ourselves. If we did, we would find insecurities that are both deep and innocent, painful and full of potential to heal us and heal the world. It’s not just a cliche, that “We are the world”. We are the world. And although it may seem daunting in the face of the rage and hatred that seems to be the only way to do things today, it’s actually very simple. You are powerful. You hold the keys to healing. You hold the keys to love. No one else. And hatred and rage can only achieve more of themselves.

We must figure out what it will take for each of us to turn the page on this level of immaturity if we want to continue to evolve. Each of us as individuals must look inside, not outside, for the answers IF we truly want Peace, Justice and a loving world. There is no other way.

Tune in to Love Me Please to hear more about this journey inward. I hope to see you there.

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