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I Am Love

The stirrings
liquid feelings
emotional tides
both reliable and harsh
always unforgiving.

I am like the day
full of sunshine
warmth and comfort

And the storm
and impending grey
and piercing cold

I am boredom
and fire
I am death
and confusion
I am all bad things


I am love.

Facing Hate

The world isn’t ready to have some conversations.
leave them behind
leave them in the dark
but then…
how do you not let
the dark

What do you do
when faced with hate.
I feel embarrassed
as soon as I ask the question.

As if people haven’t been dealing with that for all time.
As if people haven’t shown the answer
As if people haven’t paid with their lives
As if I don’t know,
and therein lies my coward…
as if I don’t know…

Campbell says:
“The Labyrinth is fully known”

What do you do when faced with hate?
You hide
You stand and face it.

Bubba Knows Best

It’s mostly sad.
It’s mostly pain.
Cash says “Empire of Dirt”
I say, truth hurts.

No need to shield yourself

Petty says “It’s only a broken heart”.

And Joanna says “What else is a heart for”
if not to be broken.

What is Justice?

I have been thinking about this.

It’s what we tell you
it’s what I say
it’s what the guns say
it’s what the laws say
it’s what the loudest say
it’s what the mobs say.

It’s what I tell you.

And I quake
and shake
and quiver…
my finger, I can feel it,
my eyes fill with red
and roll back
from the gut
I can feel it
It’s coming
hot and hard
and with the rise
comes the pointing
my finger
my safety
my understanding

I raise my hand
finger out
eyes rolling back
small spittle motivated

It’s You!


It’s You!
It’s You!
It’s You!

But I don’t understand…

Ahhhh…but that is not true.


Under seige
under water
but I hear that I deserve it

And so it fits
my guilt, it sits
Eager for the brunt of it

But there is a glimmer
brighter than before
but still small,
and fragile like a flower.

There is a world
and I feel assaulted
from all sides
and from those I love

I’ve been practicing
to find myself
since I learned
of my true fate

And I wish I could do better
in the face of all the hate
but I’m grateful that I see it
especially in me
I’m grateful,
though not free of it
it’s not how I want to be.

And my single minded focus
will make it lonely in the end
So I listen to the Dalai Lama
and become my own best friend.

I’m told that I’m controlling
I’m told I am the key
to other people’s freedom
I’m told that without me
Their life, they would be free.

And I see how I’m the teller
of all the tales and stories
How I’m the holder of the keys
and the definer of all glories
I see how I’m not different
than what I claim to hate
I see how without me changing
I’ve stamped and sealed my fate.

You Love To Hate

I can make you hate.
I mean…if that’s what you want
I mean…if you want to know
where the hate lives
and where it drives you.

Like you say you do.

I can make you hate
if it’s important for you to know
if you have work to do
and you understand
the nature of that work.

Like you say you do.

I can make you hate
but I don’t think you want to
you’d loose too much
if you gave up that
poisonous present.

Your own personal present.

It’s the one you love to hate
it’s where you draw the line
it’s where you’ve had enough
it’s where the lie you tell yourself

It’s what you love to hate.

It’s the thing that helps you feel strong
It’s the thing that helps you get along
It’s the thing that distracts from certain death
It’s the thing you mutter under your breath
The one thing you won’t let go.

You love to hate it, it’s what you know.

So go on and tell yourself another yarn
about how you’ve gone far enough
and even gone beyond
how you struggle and how you hurt
and how your love is at the start.

I’ll believe it, if you hate enough
you’ll have me thinking
that hate is love
as long as you’ve got your finger pointing out
and as long as there really is no doubt
and as long as what you’re pointing at
looks like a monster, then that’s that
and you’ve done the trick
the ultimate switch
Love to hate…

Turns out you’re the witch.

The Machinery of Hate, Pt 1

You don’t have to stop calling it Racism. Racism exists and it’s not good and it would be good and it is important to prioritize, especially, State Sponsored racism, for example the criminalization of society which affects poor people of which black people are disproportionally represented. We need to decriminalize living and we need to do it now and we need immediately release anyone who the State has put in prison because they were made a criminal by society, non-violent drug offenders come right to mind. This is where I have failed, where I have been complicit, where I have been afraid to speak out, where I have been apathetic and maintained the attitude that if it’s not happening to me, it doesn’t matter. I’m ashamed of this behavior and this moment in time has woken me up to my complacency and the injustice it’s helped foster. As a white skinned brother I say we need to do more to address the injustices that our black skinned brothers and sisters are bringing up and we need to do it now.

But there is a larger villain than racism. There’s an issue that’s so fundamental and so ingrained that it hides in plain site even as it spreads. This villain is so old and wise and thorough that it has convinced many of us it doesn’t exist, even as we demonstrate it. This villain is so crafty that it is able to attack cloaked as it’s opposite. This villain is so deadly that it has us teaching our own children how to embrace it. This villain is so prevalent that it has entire systems of machinery that help do it’s work.

This villain is Hate.

Racism as we see it today can not exist without Hate but Hate can surely exist without Racism. Hate is internally sown and infects everything that comes through it’s filter. Hate flavors everything. Racism is externally focused and can be called many things, all of them basically meaning hatred of another person for the differences you see in them. A loving person will not be a racist person and that’s a heavy sentence to put out there, but it’s true.

A loving person will not be a racist person (in the way we understand Racism today). That doesn’t mean that we must all be loving in order to have Justice (but it might) but it does mean that there is only one cure for Racism, there is only one cure for injustice, but it’s a real cure, it’s a final cure, it’s the ultimate cure, it’s the cure for Hate which is the cause of racism. It’s Love.

When I look at the Machinery of Hate, it’s so complete. It’s literally like in all the movies ever made. It’s Mordor, it’s The Dark Side, it’s the Kracken, it’s the Devil. If you haven’t read Joseph Campbell, and you’re concerned about this struggle, you MUST read or listen to his series with Bill Moyers, “The Power of Myth” because he talks about the Heroes Journey and he talks about the fact that none of this, none of what we face today is new, it’s been with us for all time and the “Labyrinth is fully known” because it’s been traveled by the heroes that have come before.

The Machinery of Hate is too subtle and sublime to dismantle as you would a bomb or a prison or a political system or even a society. You could dismantle all of these things and you will not touch the Machinery of Hate, the machine will chug on because it doesn’t exist outside yourself. For a terrifying example of the Machinery of Hate – watch the last scene in “Devil’s Advocate” with Keannau Reeves and Al Pacino. This is the Machinery of Hate. I am no God fearing person, I’m not religious in the popular sense but the analogy is powerful and the task is daunting. In fact the task is so daunting that it’s much preferable to call the problem something else, like Racism, because then we have a villain that is outside ourselves and who doesn’t love a villain outside themselves. This is such a problem because in the process of trying to achieve Justice today, people are using Hate. It doesn’t matter what side you’re on in the fight because you’re not on the side you say you’re on. You’re on the side you act like you’re on. And if you act from Hate or with Hate, you are on that side, with all the others on that side.

The Machinery of Hate. This is what killed George Floyd. And if you want Justice you have to call it by it’s name.


How many times
have I looked blankly
and found the thing
I hate.

Scanning the universe
never knowing
what I see
is what is me
and what I despise
I survive
and what I bemoan
I own

Scanning the universe
so balanced
and accomplished
feeling so…so…
but for that goddamn

I don’t hate anyone
But I hate him
but he deserves it


Oh he fucking deserves it


Because I’ve forgotten
the love
and lessons
of my children’s innocence.

I’ve forgotten
and in that forgetting
is only bitterness
and vengence.

It is not healthy to hate
God would probably tell you this
and if you’re not serious about God
then it’s up to you
to decide if your hate is justifiable
and if you are serious about God,
I hope you repent.

Weakness is What you Hate

I think it’s weakness
to hate.
I think it doesn’t matter
how wrong
you’ve been done
or how much pain
you’re in.

I don’t think it matters
if you’re right
I don’t think it matters
if they’re wrong
I don’t think it matters
if they hate
I don’t think it matters
if you love.

I think hate is weakness
and I think weakness
is what you hate.

Hate to Love

I hate you
so that I can love

So young when
I developed
these tools

And part of growing up
is seeing
that the old tools
don’t work
never did

At least not in the way
you thought

I am not separate from you
you are me
I hate you
I hate me

But not all is lost
nothing is lost
except that
which you are ready
to leave behind
to sink and dissolve
in the ocean of your
and swim on

in fresh, clear water
you are invigorated
and no longer struggle
and fight
to love

I am unbound
and my burden…
I have laid it down
others have helped
me to unstrap it

I do not have to hate
to love
I see the keyhole
there is bright light
shining through

I do not need to open
the door
it dissolves
from the center


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