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We Forgot The Truth

Life is not what you think
you do not start
and end
there is no race
there is no contest
there are no rules

Everything you’ve been told
is a lie

Every lie you’ve been told
has been the foundation
for another lie
and another
and another

It started out innocently enough
like you’d lie to a child
but then the child grew
and the lies did too
rather than stop
and crack them open
for the child to see
the truth
we kept building
the fickle foundation
because we couldn’t bear
to see the truth

And then we forgot the truth
we forgot the earth
we forgot about being human
we forgot about being a guest

We started to believe the lies
and then we started to believe
the same decieving selves
and we believed in the structures
the decietful structures
and we defended the deceipt
and we went to war for it

And we made more rules
and we forced our children
to live deceiptful lives.

But it doesn’t have to continue.

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