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Parenting Tips in Three Parts

This is so funny
because it’s not funny at all
and that’s the root of all great humor!

We (and by “We” I mean humans)
are going to get what want.


You no longer
have to

At least no one
reading this
has to


How amazing…
we have come so far
as humans
as to not have to worry
about survival.

Every second
every minute
every hour
of human existence
until what…?
100 years ago?
200 years ago?

200 years ago
if you weren’t sowing fields
right now
you wouldn’t eat
and no one would care
beyond using your
situation to motivate
their family to survive
better than yours.

And now
we have created
the space to

We don’t have to survive
any more.

For now.

Part 2

There are no secrets
great men and woman
have come before
and pioneered
and laid pathways
to the heart and soul
they are clearly marked.

Furthermore, we have not even to risk the adventure alone; for the heroes of all time have gone before us; the labyrinth is thoroughly known; we have only to follow the thread of the hero-path. And where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god; where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves; where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence; where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world.

Joeseph Campbell

And yet
we turn back
we turn away
we refuse
we point out fingers
we explain
we implore
we demand
we kill
we force
we reject
we proclaim
we know
we shame

In this new world
in this new imagination
in this new potential
we turn
and run
like scared children
at the dark
when all that’s happened
is that the sun has gone down
and nature has
continued to turn her work.

Like children
we demand it
to be worse
than it is
we demand
that all is lost
we demand
that the pain
is eternal
and separate
from our nature
and from
our magnificence.

We demand
that our stunned
parents believe us
we demand
that all is lost.

We are behaving like
entitled children.

Part 3

What kind of parent
do you want to be?

Because it’s your choice.
You’re making it now.
You can change it.
But the longer you wait
the more pain there will be
and it is possible,
if you want to be the most loving parent
that you will be killed
by your children
and perhaps

The pain of good parenting
is the hardest pain
the deepest pain
you must sacrifice
and become yourself.

What have you sacrificed?

Diary of a Wimply Dad #3

The other day, in the “New School” of computer screen learning I overheard my son responding to a question from his teacher. But before getting to that is it just freaking weird that really my son (and your kids) are just sitting in front of an electrical device and talking to it. That’s what they’re doing, who knows if anything in the electrical device is real, I mean it could just be a toaster with personality, how the hell can we know? Oh jeez…now I’m off down my road of “What’s it all mean, Basil”

So back to what I heard, because I pretend to be working when my kid’s “at school” sitting in the next room over, talking to the toaster…but I’m really listening and the question was,

What’s the silver lining for you, Arthur, during this time?


And Arthur’s reply,

Well my parents got me an Xbox because of Covid and because I couldn’t really see my friends and do things with them, so they got me an Xbox and I really liked that.


I heard the silence from the teachers end, I don’t think that was the answer she was looking for and she quickly moved on to the next child,

An you, Stanford, what’s your silver lining during this time?


And Stanford said,

I get to spend time with my parents and help them with the work around the house and figure out new ways to learn using the computer and I also really like making cool signs to put up in people’s yards who are working and don’t have the same privleges I do so that they feel happier.


HA! That’s not what that kid said, in fact there isn’t even a Stanford (thank goodness) in Arthur’s class. But what were you thinking when you read that? And really what the hell is my point anyway?

Well my point is, I think that’s what the teacher wanted, the answer that “Stanford” gave. I think that’s what’s being taught to my kid. I think the fact that my kid really likes his Xbox is frowned upon. I think the “adults” would rather have my kid like humanity, compassion, awareness, love, cooking, sewing and, did I say love…but the problem with that is, he’s a kid.

When the damn teacher began to talk about the “Silver Lining” I was like, what the heck, a kid needs to find a silver lining in the fact that they don’t have to go to school anymore, that they have less rules, more freedom.

I disagree. But who’s going to listen to me anyway, that’s why I keep this journal, to share my thoughts…with…myself. So I guess, yeah, I disagree. When my kid first heard school was closed for the rest of the year he was overjoyed and I noticed it immediately because I was NOT overjoyed, in fact I was worried.

I remember hearing the news and thinking, shit, this is serious and feeling a heavy weight inside my chest. I remember approaching Arthur to tell him, not sure of how to tell him, feeling confused and I remember when it came out he was immediately GLEEFUL…and sadly I remember tamping that GLEEFULLNESS down a bit, not because I want my son to be less gleeful, but because of how uncomfortable I was with a feeling that was so opposite of my own and what that meant about the way I see the world.

And, to bring it all back, that got me thinking about the teacher again and the “Silver Lining” and what must be necessary to have a silver lining. To have a silver lining you have to have a shitty experience, other wise why would you search for something else…Uggg…

So I guess that’s what I’m paying for these days, to have my son be taught that his gleeful experience is really in need of a silver lining. Double Uggghhh…

Diary of a Wimpy Dad #2

So I’ve been thinking more about this whole Diary thing, and I’m definitely not going to call it a Diary, that’s one place where Gregg and I agree, this…is a Journal!

Sometimes, I have to admit, I’m at the end of my rope. Did I say “sometimes”…that’s funny because it’s most times. Not only does this damn kid have my heart like nothing else before but it’s HARD raising a kid. I don’t even know how anyone with more than one does it; I think you must just have to forget about a couple of them.

I remember the time when my son, Arthur, was like a little back pack…you know like the cutest little back pack you could imagine, like a living back back, or front pack or…pet…do you remember? Like in the 6 month to 18 month phase, you just picked ’em and carried them with you, no arguing, no opinions, no complaining, no hating you, no cryin…well yes, there was some crying, but it reall wasn’t anything you did. Not like today when getting out of bed to say hello to grandma is like the world asking for Arthur to save it in 10 minutes.

I mean really – I know he’s young and all and doesn’t have any experience and doesn’t share my feelings about how you should or should not behave around family, but for the love of all things holy and all of the heavens above, get your ass out of bed, smile like the sweet boy I know you are and say hello to your fucking grandmother who has only one goal, now, in life…to see you (actually she has two goals, the first is to see you and the second is to make sure you’re terrified of anything hot, sharp, sour, smelly, moving, dark, light, sweet…you know what I mean…I know you know what I mean!!).

But no! That’s not how it’s gonna be with Arthur…as he lets out an “Uggghhh” as if he’s just been asked to empty the dishwasher, stack wood, do his homework and throw away his Xbox, all before breakfast. Yup that’s what it’s like. And I just look at my wife, glance at Grandma (silently judging) and sigh – all because I don’t want to yell at my sweet boy to get up.

Usually I yell anyway!

The Return

If you listen hard enough
If you let yourself feel
You will recognize
The fields and playgrounds
Are longing for children

Don’t worry yourself about the pain
It’s natural to feel the pain
Of loss and longing
And so…
Feel it
Allow yourself
To mourn the glee
That isn’t ringing
Through the trees and the grass
Competing with and overwhelming
The bird song
The shouts and laughter

The fields miss the light
Footsteps of a running child
And giving away it’s green and brown
To skin
As a badge of honor
And delight.

If you listen hard enough
You will hear the fields
Longing for children
If you allow yourself to feel
You, too, will mourn
And gratefully so

And appreciate, so much more
The return.

The Sins of the Parents are in Full Bloom

The Sins of the parents are in full bloom,

And the parents are desperately trying to get out of the room
The parents are children
They can’t be trusted
To see the truth of the things
That they’ve busted
And like children
They’re prone to a tantrum
When they don’t get what they want
A tantrum’s their anthem.

The parents are children
But their sins are mature
They’ve created and supported
And shouted for war
But the worst ones have,
Like children
That their choices were Noble
And could not have led to this end.

But, still worse, and gravest of all of the Sins
Is their willful deception
Of how it begins
And their indignant opinions
That they take for truth
And feed to their children
As if sick from the flu
They decide that their children
Are just like them
And they don’t give a thought
To what it means is they’re not
Or, even more, how good it might be
If their children, from them,
Were eternally free
Instead they build bunkers of hate
To surround their kids
And to keep them safe
But by safe what they mean,
These child parents,
Is same, same as them
Like little pet plants

The Sins of the parents
Are in full bloom
Their refusal to look
Beyond their own gloom
Only entrenches their children
To a similar Doom
And as they all scramble
To exit the room
All pointing their fingers
And teaching the rule
That it’s not you that that’s
The problem
It’s some other fool.

The Sins of the parents are in full bloom.

The “Free Range Parenting” Law is a JOKE!

Free range

What side are you on anyway!

We are living in brilliant times where the most is possible for the most. The world is waiting to be changed, waiting to be uplifted, waiting for freedom and peace to be upheld and like Marcus Mumford sings, we are “Forcing from the world a patient smile”.

What the hell do you mean?

I mean…it’s time to really look at what’s happening and what is being contributed to our world because there are things being contributed everyday, some with more weight than others, some privately, some publicly and with great force. Eventually it’s important to answer the question…what are you contributing, but for now I want to talk about Free Range Parenting and specifically the law that was passed in Utah to a bunch of celebration and fanfare.

The fanfare is a misplaced result, like a fish cheering for water. And the bigger thing is that most of us fall right into our appropriate lines of approval or disapproval and never question why an entity (The State) has the power over our families to declare that it is lawful to allow your own children to roam the earth.

Let me say that again:

Why are we celebrating an entity separate and removed from us (The State) having the power to declare it “legal” to allow our children to roam the earth?

Oh god I can already hear the “adults”…”Safety” they say, “protection” they say, “You silly person” they say, “it’s so obvious that we need the protection” they say. All the “Adults”. My goodness, we are celebrating our own chains and requesting that they be placed on our children as well. We are clamoring for chains, we are celebrating our chains.

The celebration of a law that allows you to leave your kids alone. What’s next? Maybe it’s a law that allows someone with a gun and a badge to come into your home and take you, or worse, your kids away without due process, oh, wait, that exists already. Oooohh I get fired up when I hear about these things…when I hear about “US”, you and me and other “reasonable” people so grateful to be granted a right, so comfortable with a mechanism that has the power to grant rights. DON’T SAY IT!  Don’t you go and justify…Don’t Do It!

A tomato used to be a tomato and then at some point it became an “organic” tomato. Do you ever think about what that means? At some point a parent could be a parent to their children until a law was made that it was now legal to be a parent to your children.

What the hell is going on?

Is this insanity? Yes. But is it also a joke? YES!!  It is a joke! It’s a joke that politicians actually believe that they should rule you and it is a joke that you actually believe that you should be ruled. But you know what, the damn joke is starting to infect my life and I’ve really had enough of it, enough with the jokes you funny and silly people, enough.


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