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The world has stopped.
It’s many things
But maybe the most important
of all…
It’s a gift for ourselves
and the next generations.

Check out this essay by Julio Vincent Gambuto:


And this video by Webster Wiley

We’ve never had an opportunity, the whole world, together, to pause and reflect on our lives. Let’s do it and not go back to normal.


What have you found for yourself? Share it. Tell people about it…please.

It’s not important how you relate to this Great Pause. Many will disagree about different actions and different causes and such. What’s important is that you, YOU, get in touch with what a world looks like where you’re not “forced” to work because there’s only one system, a world where you could walk and rest, go slow and not worry, be human, learn and grow without the pressure of having to survive economically.

Find the heart of your Great Pause. What is it for you. What do you want to keep and never lose again?

I Like To Eat Whales

A gyroscope rotates around a center
all the hoops spinning
and attached around a center
each hoop
looks seperate
but they’re all related
they all originate from
the same center.

Just like American Culture Today
Each complaint
a hoop
Seemingly separately
but originating
from the same

It’s all the same.

And now it’s spinning again
forgetting it’s last spot
but never forgetting
it’s origin.

Competing hoops.
not true.
There can be no
competing hoops
if they come
from the same

I won’t wear a mask
I will wear a mask
you must wear a mask
you can’t make me wear a mask
I will get an abortion
you can’t get an abortion
I will vote for Trump
I will not
I will save the planet
You can’t save the planet
I will save the whales
I like to eat whales

All the same.
All keeping you from the center

All the same.
All keeping you from the center

The Leaders Are You

Wondering where all the leaders have gone
but now,
it’s been 2 decades and 3
and I can’t lie to myself
like before
that someone will stop the madness.

There is no one coming.
The ones in power are there
because I’ve waited
because I’ve stayed away
because I’ve pretended.

And the ones in power
are not going to make things better
that’s not what they do
they can’t
and I shouldn’t expect them to
so I won’t.

I am the leader.
You are the leader.
The leaders are us.

Look at what’s happening…
my god…
it’s all so human
it’s all so tragic
it’s all so fearful
it’s all so masculine
it’s all so forceful
Look at what’s happening…

Look to yourself to make it better
look to yourself to make it better
look to yourself to make it better.

Maybe It’s Time We Stopped

The feeling of being a fraud is real
it’s real because it’s true
I just wish everyone
would kill me
and get it over with.

But instead
I have to live with myself
and so I destroy
the thing that seeks
that wants
I destroy it as sure as it lives
as it lives.

So full of my conspiracies
my bouquet is in full bloom
and the scent of treason
has been forgotten
for for the sight
of plastic roses.

All in my head,
so inebriated with messages
designed to infiltrate
and for which I had no defense.

All in my head
my construct
cranial matter
all in my head
as if a person
should ever listen
to the stories in their head
as if your head
can make sense
of anything?

Your head is good for math
and making decisions
and that’s about it.

And maybe it’s time
we stopped making
so many

Maybe it’s time
we stopped
making so many

Maybe it’s time we stopped.

Let’s Not Get Normal

How do you start a movement?

Find something that many relate to,
encourage and create the encouragement
of spaces to express
the commonly related “thing”.

Encourage deeper thinking and problem solving
by challenging, in an inclusive, honorable way.

Make ideas as clear as possible.

Create ethos around it,
live it in your life
and let it guide you.


Share your ideas about how to live differently
when the panic has passed,
after the Great Pause,
when play is pushed.

How is your life going to play?
Will it be exactly the same?

Do you want it to be exactly the same?

What do you want to be different
and what are you willing to do to see that
you bring about the change you want to see.

What are the things that have come up for you
during the “Great Pause”.
What have you realized about yourself and your life
during the “Great Pause”.

What a gift we have.
What a gift we have.


What ideas do you have?


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