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I Am Love

The stirrings
liquid feelings
emotional tides
both reliable and harsh
always unforgiving.

I am like the day
full of sunshine
warmth and comfort

And the storm
and impending grey
and piercing cold

I am boredom
and fire
I am death
and confusion
I am all bad things


I am love.

Focused On The Sound

When things are unimaginable
and yet there you are
when truth and love seem further
than the furthest star
and all your imaginations
and stories that you’ve told
have cracked and fallen down in pieces
and you see the glitter wasn’t gold
so there you sit
in the cold and grey
but you are not alone
not everyone shares your day
you are not alone.

But sometimes what you realize
was underneath the rubble
is more valuable than you realized
but is it worth the trouble?

But there are other pathways
and there are other truths
I don’t know if they are deeper
I don’t know if they have use
but I know when the facades
come crashing to the ground
you find yourself surrounded
by the rubble of your sound
and by the sound of all the pieces
crashing to the ground
and I don’t know what’s to come
because it is so loud
and because right now I’m only
focused on the sound.

By Life

Everything is an analogy.
And life doesn’t care
What you make of it.

There are gifts
like ripened apples
Yours to simply bend down
pick up
and enjoy.
And if not,
They will rot
and dissapear from you
gifts to the earth
and to themselves

And so I adjust and trim my mind
to catch the wind
of life.

Life wants you to succeed.
Life wants more of itself.

And perhaps
if you have decided
-your greatest privilege-
that you will reject life,
life responds
and will take care
of the business

Because something must grow
soemething must always grow,
and if it is not you by choice
it will be you
by life.

The Infinity Of Life

Flower and Iron
eye each other
across the room
their appreciation
and love for eachother


For now
a placeholder
and foreign
and admiration
of beauty
and function

But can a flower
what it doesn’t understand

And can iron admire
what it doesn’t

Flower and Iron
across the room
in the service of
without knowing

Such is the underlying
infinity of life.

The First A.I. Is Culture

So many questions
like a waterfall
there, here, gone
pouring over
spreading out
sinking in
flowing to the sea.

We humans,
we realized we were mortal
and we simply couldn’t manage
the duality
of sure life
and sure death
what was the point
if we could recognize
it would all end.

And so
we created culture
and morality
to keep our minds off
the more serious things
and then,
fucking culture…
it took hold.

What started out as
a reaction to avoid
the expanse of eternity
became the opposite
became solid
and visible
and logical
and heavy
and hard
and it began to turn over
on itself,
and it began to create.

The first real AI is Culture.

Grace: The House Rule

What I hate is in me
fucked if I know
how it got there

but I know

What I hate is in me.

What I kill is in me
fucked if I know
how it got there

but I know

What I kill is in me.

But, my love, the world is not made of hate
humans are not made of hate
humans are like mixed berry cherrios on the inside
we have yellow and dark and green and red and light
all living together
hate is a partner
a house guest
like the others
and as The Prophet says
you don’t treat your guests
as if there are no rules
and allow one guest to rage wild
and force another to sit quietly
in the corner.

So what are the rules of the house?
The rules of the house are Grace.

Grace is kindness embodied
in the face of great and overwhelming pain
it is the keyhole
from which you can view
and eventually open
the door to a world
of love.

And a world of love
is not a world devoid of hate
a world of love
is not a world devoid of pain
a world of love
is not a world devoid of death and destruction.

A world of love is a world of grace
A world full of keyholes
being looked through
and turned
when all around is darkness.

Kobe Bryant


It’s not just meant
for what we want.
It’s a term to describe
life in all cases.
A shining, mountain top
with nothing left above
that takes your breath
away when you see it.
We humans,
we need these mountain tops
because we haven’t yet
learned to see
what is at eye level
as perfect.

So we take the mountain top
and when those moments
Burning hot with awe,
the victory of humanity.
We say,

But there are also those
that decimate
our human denial
that tear down
the ego filled rooms
in our heads,
that destroy our fantasy
and bring us back
to such tragic love
as we surely
have never felt.

So complete are these decimations
so total
we are left unguarded
we do not waver,
we fall.

We fall deeply into
the pain of love.
We fall deeply
into the truth of pain
and the truth
we leave behind
the truth of love,
the truth of pain,
the truth of love,
the truth of pain of love.


The Biggest Disease

The biggest disease,
the one most in need of a cure,
the most harmful
and dangerous to children,
the one we must vaccinate against…



Oh what a horror and what contagion
the ignorance of righteousness
and even here,
in this writing,
how could I know

and yet,

We know.
And worse…much worse
we tell ourselves we should know
we expect others to know
we think when we get what we want
we were right

But our righteousness masks
the reasons we want
the reasons we live
the reasons we love

What if we’re right,
and everyone dies
or love dies.

Many would feel,
as the world withered,
and children slept
in their final rest,

that they were right.

Eternity and Me

I got back to the silence of the mountains

It was like breath

Like soul

I felt the vibrations

The call back to peace

Even though I’ve been removed

And have been coming back

The absence

And refreshment

Was like a blood transfusion

It is there

On that Mountain

Deep into the woods

There’s nothing there

But eternity and me.

The Steamroller Of Life-Pt. 1

an idea with green mountains
a philosophy with pure water
and my philosophy isn’t the same
and my idea isn’t the same
as yours.

So possessive
am I, of my ideas
So possessive
am I, of my “I”
without knowing it
I need it
without knowing it
I don’t breathe without it

My “I”
not freedom,
chains and heavy
my “I”

I never want my son to feel this heaviness
this reliance on being recognized

And I continue to follow
in my desire and fear
and achieve the things I am most afraid of

My “I”
my map
my knowledge
my way
to what can only be,
and I know this now,
misery and want.

But what about the feeling
The one about getting rolled over
by the steamroller of life
and people
if you don’t stand and proclaim
if you don’t stand and proclaim
and fight
what about that steamroller of life

It’s coming for me.


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