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Love of a Boy and a Girl

A love so fierce
was too big
for a little girl
in a world
full of cruelty

So she put away
under rock
and lock

But like steam
fierce love
must have an outlet
or else it will
explode it’s container
and so it found ways
to seep
and to streak
and to leak
and the little girl
lived her life
like a dammed river

Like a damned river

Nourishing what she could
at times
drying up

Flowers grew along her banks
And people gazed upon her
meandering beauty
except for the one
that loved her
the most.

He knew about the dam.

She had forgotten
that she’d put her fierce love

And this
is how they got on
for years
and for decades.

The boy could see her dam
the boy was damned
he did not know
about his dam.

And so
the boy and girl were
damned together
but never gave up the fight
even when it was all they had
even when it was really bad
and seemed to be
the longest night.

And now
as she lay dying
bright eyes and smile still
perhaps, he thought,
she would stop lying
perhaps she would find the will
to crack the great stone
dam and free her love
to drown the earth
and hear her roar
to her fear…

Maybe then
the boy be saved
mabye then his task is done
maybe then
he’ll crack his dam
and let his fever come.

But for now,
it’s all quiet
the boy has touched her cheek
and the girl
is resting gently
from her ever fearful sleep.

The sounds of silence
and of life
quiet, undisturbed
the boy and girl
are together again
with no need
for words.

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