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There Is Only One Enemy

I’m thinking about my privilege. Privilege to sit and write while listening to music, while having coffee. Privilege to be warm at the touch of a finger and for my son to be warm as a result of my ability to work and earn money in a relatively safe environment while he is kept in a relatively safe environment by and with others who share my privilege. The relative ease of safety (the disclaimer is that none of us are ultimately safe but that there is relative safety) is really the privilege. My situation does not require me to think about the safety of my life and/or the safety of my family with any degree of regularity, if at all.

I am not meant to be afraid.

I, as a lightly colored (“white”), American, male am not meant to be afraid. I am a descendant of the victors and the system was built by “me” for “me”. I actually don’t think there’s anything wrong with this…What else were they supposed to do? I mean I guess they could have had some compassion, forethought, mindfullness of what they were creating and how it would impact others, but they didn’t. So, in that case, it’s understandable even logical.

It doesn’t make right any abuses of power.

It will be interesting, if you look at life as a pendulum swinging a razors edge, to see who gets cut as the giant blade of society and culture swings back with equal, reciprocal necessity. It will be interesting to see if we’ve grown, if we’ve become any different than our captors or if we’re just changing roles in the prison of the pendulum. Some people taking their turn to be cut while others have the privilege of safety, but only temporary as the pendulum gathers it’s speed towards the end of it’s arc where it will stop for the briefest of moments before it reverses course again to pick the same “victims”.

Or is it possible this upheaval will lead to something greater, something that escapes the karma of the pendulum, something that escapes Karma all together (If you want to experience a little more about escaping Karma you can read some Eckhard Tolle).

The upheaval is not a color issue, not a class issue, not a nationality issue…it’s bigger and deeper than all of that, it’s the issue we’ve all earned as the human team and now we get to look at it, if we want.

The upheaval is the powerful against the non-powerful.

All other injustices are not irrelevant but are a distraction. The only question that should be asked is “who has the power” and “are they abusing it”. It’s so important to look and listen and think through the headlines to who is in power, who stays in power, and what power is serving. If you look out into the world today through the lense of social media and the internet it’s pretty easy to see that power is serving fear and division.

When you sit and talk to someone who looks different from you it’s pretty easy to see that although there may be fear, there is no need for division and in fact, it’s division that help to seed and grow the fear.

I am particularly interested to see what role I will play and particularly interested to have the inner conscience of the Female who is quickly gathering a certain power, on display and considered. I am curious to see how Females process the responsibility that Males have traditionally carried or if they’re even aware of the depth to which it exists. I am curious to see what the 21st century man looks like (I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen him yet, alive anyway).

Don’t believe the hype. Net Neutrality probably saved us. Think about that, challenge your beliefs, challenge my beliefs. There is so much more going on than we can possibly know. What does it mean that we think we know it.





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