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The New 40 Acres and The New Mule

And so if we had shelter
and if we had warmth
and if we had food
and if we had technology
and if we had the peace of mind
that our brothers and sisters
had these things.

What would life be like?

If that was the baseline.

40 acres and a mule

What if these things were the new
40 acres and a mule

and we go from there.

Establish a new baseline.

People can still fuck it up
they need to be able to fuck it up
fucking it up is what makes it freedom

We do away with politics
and promote reality
we put back what we’ve stolen
because we want to be strong
in the foundation.

If we are strong in the foundation
we do not need politics
we do not have to work together
by force
we do not have to work
by force
we bring the elements and strategies
of force into the light
for all those to see,
do you see,
do you see.

It’s only been a week
do you see where you are.
It’s not the mob that will rise up
the mob will be put down
like wild animals
because the warden
wild animals.

And so, for now,
we must replace the warden
by the same system
that allowed him
his control
and power
and we must look at every warden
who has presided for more than
two years
and replace them as well
and then,
once replaced,
give them all up
except for a few,
a few who take the
responsibility for what it is
and accept the burden
for the rest of us.

40 Acres and A Mule.

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