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The Kind Hearted Killer

Does a kind heart matter in a savage land
or will a kind heart get you killed
and if you are killed is it the end of the road
or is there something more for which to stand.

Because a kind heart is easy when the living is easy
I’m not sure I would even call it kind
but when the living is hard and people don’t care
The beats in your chest are your test truly.

When that ole heart of yours gets to beatin’
cause the people outside are a comin’
and they’re coming for you and they’re runnin’
kindness takes a back seat to gunnin’.

And so then you find out on the deepest of levels
a souls revolution a souls revolt
that you’ve been lying to yourself all along
you’re not kind, you’re a cowardly devil.

Death is the most honest thing that we have
followed by birth, which is pure
and when your decisions are tempered by death
you find out once and for all who you are.
The rest is just wrapping paper
all different colors
and style and ribbons and bows
and pretty designs
and tape that hides lines
all covering what’s left below
and the problem really is
as you theorize and spin
that you never really wanted
to know.

So do you have a kind heart
or a killers heart

Or are you a kind hearted killer.

Warmest Hearts

A warm fire
and warm hearts abound
if we don’t have to fight
we can love
but if we don’t fight
we can’t love
be ourselves
there is no fear
only people we hold dear
and in the space
where one holds
there are mountains full of gold
and shining sun
and refreshing lake
no need or desire
for you to take.

Warming fire
warming hearts
a place below
the stops and starts
that runs constant
full of fruit
The place I know me
and I know you.

It’s not where we live
and that’s ok
but it’s within us
every day
and every minute
and every second
there is this way.

Put down your weapons
don’t hurt yourself
the place to hold
the place to play
is underneath your prideful way.

Warmest hearts
and warmest fires
light the soul
and life inspires.

Put down your weapons
war is retired
warm your heart
and warm your fire.

It’s Hard to be Friends

I’m talking with friends about Trump
and impeachement
and we don’t agree
and it doesn’t feel like friends,
but I’m going to try harder,
because I think we are friends.

When someone says they don’t agree,
what are your options?

When you’ve laid out your arguements
laid all all you have
and it’s crystal clear to you
and they still don’t agree,
what are your options?

I think this is the question it would be good to answer,
before answering the other questions.
Because I don’t think we agree.
And I don’t think it’s because we don’t have the “facts”.

I think we don’t agree because we feel hurt
and unresolved in our hurt
and our fear of being hurt more.
Who wants to be hurt more?

What are our choices in this, however?
Will we hurt others so as not be hurt more ourselves?
What if these others have never hurt us?
Or more difficult, what if they have?

This seems fundamental to me,
this seems like a foundational principle,
this seems like MLK, Ghandi, Buddha, Jesus,
this seems like non-violence.

This seems like peace.

But we may not be ready for peace.
It seems as if we are not ready for peace
by the way we treat those we disagree with,
and that’s “ok”.

“Ok” in the sense that it’s better to accept it
than to pretend we want peace and justice
so much that we will use force and violence
to achieve it.

Using force and violence and hate and anger
to achieve Peace and Justice is a way worse world
than might is right.

Give me straight up, honest bruttishness
over wolves in sheeps clothing any day.

So I guess, maybe it’s hard to be friends,
maybe that’s the point,
what is it worth to be friends?

Do you believe you can achieve Peace and Justice
through hatred, anger, violence and force?

It’s going to hard to be friends if that’s the case.

A Baby At Rest

A baby at rest tends to stay at rest

at least until he doesn’t

but when encountering a baby at


any attempt to better the situation

of rest

will be met

most likely

with violent unrest at worst

and at best

you risk the rest

A baby at rest is best

left at rest

it is a situation that cannot be improved upon

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