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The Hero

He didn’t know he was a little boy
he didn’t know he was screaming
at her to stop
screaming and crying for her to
please stop

Hot face, wet, red, heart, pound, blood
up, sweaty, head on a swivel
back, forth, back, forth
he can’t focus, only pain and fear

There’s nothing he can do.
There’s nothing he can do.

And he doesn’t know this
he thinks if he crys hard enough
yells loud enough
screams loud enough
screams until his throat is torn

He thinks he can change it
He thinks he has to change it
He thinks if he doesn’t change it…

He never thinks,
what if he doesn’t change it
he never thinks this
he’s a young boy
scared and he see’s someone he cares
about being hurt

He’s an innocent boy
he doesn’t want anyone to be hurt
he knows what hurt is
and he can’t bear if others feel hurt
when he see’s it
he tries to be a hero
not because he wants to be a hero
but because he can’t bear it
but he is not a hero
he is an anti-hero

He betrays himself
and hurts
to stop the hurting
and he is thrown
this poor human boy
into the abyss that
he knows nothing about
all he knows is that he
wants to be the hero
but that he is not

And he will hurt
to stop the hurt

The poor, innocent boy.

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