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Bad Is The New Good

Watch The Watchers

So I’ve had some bumps with my pics from my Zuccotti Park visit two weeks ago.  I am just getting to pics tonight and I’m going to present a perspective of who’s there, who’s on the ground as well as give you a feel for what it’s like…

One of the interesting things I’ve heard (from NYT writer David Brooks) is to “watch the people who are watching the Occupy movement if you want to know what’s going to happen”.  That statement is going to become even more poignant as we go on.

There are a lot of people watching.  I was watching when I went with my son.  I wanted to see and feel what was happening, and I got my little piece and that’s what it is, I think, for people…it represents a piece of something, something you want more of.  It also represents pieces of me that I don’t want anything to do with.  That’s what’s happening with the movement.  And the watchers are joining, and continuing to watch.  It’s not who you think it is, or maybe it is…

So Pics will come later tonight, if you want to see who is wearing the “Bad is the new Good” shirt check back.  I am going out for a walk in the pitch black of this pre-storm night.  Also heading to Albany tomorrow, there’s an OCCUPY event planned and I want to “Watch”.

Watch The Watchers

By Vincent Paul, Oct 11, 2011, Zuccotti Park, NY

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