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It’s Time

There was a great battle
at the dawn of human consciousness.
The gleaming and towering gladiator
and the farmer

It was a great battle
whether you believe me
or not
the battle was for everything.

The gladiator struck the farmer down
with one mighty swing of his steel.

And now…

The Analogy
the gladiotor is “Truth” or and “Reason”
newly discovered
and as magnificent as life itself
which up to that point
had been lived in caves.
The farmer is “Good or The Good” or “The experience and quality” of life

And Truth was victorious
and The Good, Your experience of life, lost.

And ever since that day,
thousands of years gone
every minute
every second
of our foundation has been built
by the winner.

And so…let me ask you,

If you are going to build a foundation
for a strong, human house,
for a place you want your children to grow
to their every potential
and for your every satisfaction

If you are going to build this foundation
which foundation would you pick?


All my love…

Truth vs Good

If “truth” is not the same
the world is lost
and screaming at itself
that it is not.

That fits.

The Myth

I can hear
the tiredness
and the pain.

It will always break my heart.

But what else is a heart for…

What will I do when it’s over
What will I do when there’s nothing left to fight against
What will I do when they win.

Will I join them?

A fate worse than death.

Will I join them?

They will welcome me into their maw
glistening, sharp
ferociously hungry
they will consume me
like all the rest.

And then, I will be joined to them
part of them
and I can consume, unheeded
I can roar through
the life
deafening all with my hunger
to cling
to the myth of my incapable
and violated

Bubba Knows Best

It’s mostly sad.
It’s mostly pain.
Cash says “Empire of Dirt”
I say, truth hurts.

No need to shield yourself

Petty says “It’s only a broken heart”.

And Joanna says “What else is a heart for”
if not to be broken.

Tell Me One Thing

It’s greed of the primitive body/mind
for most,

The only mind we have.

I am true
I am also afraid
and so
I do not act


When the thought
occurs to me
that reeks of
the spotlight
endless eyes
endless expectations.

All Truth.

Everything is True.

We are the same.
We are one.

The earth is our home.

It’s time to try
another way.

Another way
is a drastic way
full of new experiences
and pains
and joy.

But mostly
it’s a feeling of fear
lurking disaster
and abandonment.

And tell me one thing
and one thing

Tell me one thing…

What good could ever come of that?

Life or Death

It’s moving too fast.
It’s always moving too fast.
My problem is I try to catch up.
Catching up isn’t possible.
So, I sit.
And feel.
And am overcome
by the pain of the world.
I am overcome
by my own pain.
Nowhere to turn,
nowhere to run,

And now
with a place for me
in your heart
I set off
to discover
the horrible truth
I set off
to discover
the healing truth.

It’s very possible
I would rather destroy
than know.

It’s very possible
I would rather destroy
than know.

It’s really life or death.

We Forgot The Truth

Life is not what you think
you do not start
and end
there is no race
there is no contest
there are no rules

Everything you’ve been told
is a lie

Every lie you’ve been told
has been the foundation
for another lie
and another
and another

It started out innocently enough
like you’d lie to a child
but then the child grew
and the lies did too
rather than stop
and crack them open
for the child to see
the truth
we kept building
the fickle foundation
because we couldn’t bear
to see the truth

And then we forgot the truth
we forgot the earth
we forgot about being human
we forgot about being a guest

We started to believe the lies
and then we started to believe
the same decieving selves
and we believed in the structures
the decietful structures
and we defended the deceipt
and we went to war for it

And we made more rules
and we forced our children
to live deceiptful lives.

But it doesn’t have to continue.


What would Nina Simone think?

I don’t know

But I…
but I…

All this talk
all this “leadership”
the broth is rotten
it’s just there were
more options for broth

I don’t want the broth
never did.

Looks like it might get a little more
to make your own broth.

Better uncomfortable
than dependant
I always say
to myself,
before turning on the hot
water for a shower.

Smile, because you can
a little voice whispers to me.
I love that little voice,
still here
after all these years.
It knows what’s below,
It knows ignorance
It knows slavery
It knows all kinds
of desperation
and violence
and hate.

And yet…
it whispers to me,
as clear as always,
and not rushful
it whispers,
Smile because you can.

And so I do.

The Joyous Puzzle

He didn’t know why people were so afraid
he thought maybe he was missing something
maybe he was supposed to be afraid
maybe he was lying to himself
maybe he didn’t know how afraid
he really was

But if he was afraid he didn’t know it
and maybe that’s the same thing
as not being afraid

The thing was
it’s not like he never felt fear
he felt fear a lot

It was more that he also considered death
a lot
and when it came, the consideration
it came like death, in a way,
even the realization of death
even the consideration of death
is like death
fantasy dies
a part of him died
when he considered death so deeply

Had he mourned that death?
he didn’t think so

He did know why people were so afraid
they were hanging on
white knuckled
clawing and hugging to death
like lenny and the rabbit
their lives
their kids
their lovers
their own hearts
hugging to death their own hearts
so they could save themselves from death.

Oh what a world
and joyous puzzle.


The balloon
once tethered and reliable
available if needed
connected to the earth

The balloon is not longer tethered
and it will float
on the mercy of the wind
and eventually will crash down
for lack of maintenance
or care
or because of the irresponsibility
of freedom

The balloon cannot rethether itself
it must be caught

Humans are also becoming
freeing themselves from
earthly responsibility
in the disguise of freedom

How wonderful it is to fly
but ultimately, a lie
you cannot fly from death
you cannot fly from the ending
of your experience

So while in this vast sandbox
you may float as far as you can
you may dig a hole so deep
you may go to places where
no one is or has ever been

And are you free


You are only, alone.


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