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The Vermont Game

Are you happy with your life? Have you asked yourself this question? Do you dare ask? I didn’t start asking myself this question until I was about 48. Really daring myself to look, past all my stereotypes and habits, underneath my fully conditioned pride and way beyond what anyone else wanted me to see.

And now that I’m done asking, I’m listening. Listening to myself, daring to listen because there are answers deep below that are not extinct, just buried. And now that the hamsterwheel has stopped and I’ve gotten my footing, I feel like I never want to go back. It’s just a feeling. It’s not based in any logic but it’s also not based in any fear. It’s just how I feel and I’m paying attention to it.

So enough of the philosophizing, for now, anyway. Well, one more thing…don’t let the non-storytellers tell you how to tell your stories. Your stories, for some, are all you have and they matter and if you pretend you’re not a good story teller, but you are or want to be, you’re selling yourself way short. Tell your stories everyone, tell your stories.

I have a story for you, actually it’s more of a game

It’s a game about an experiment. It’s actually a play along…it requires crowd participation, like one of those murder mystery dinners or escape room escapades. You all think you know better, to some extent, than, say, Governor Scott about how to run the State of Vermont, right? Don’t lie. If you’ve ever complained once about State Government or Federal Government, you think you can do it better.

Ok here’s the story.

You are the leader of Vermont – whatever that means for you. You have control of the purse strings, you get to dictate where things are spent, how they’re spent, who spends them and so on. You have to hire people to get the job done, you can’t do it all yourself but you have free reign to hire anyone you want, as long as it’s legal in the current system.

Now this isn’t about really getting into the nitty gritty, it’s more of a feel thing, it’s more of a yes or no question with some possible developments for some of you that want to go further.

So we need to give you a budget and you need to think about what you imagine the biggest challenges are in Vermont. What needs help, what’s good, in your opinion only…visualize it, think about it as much as you can. What’s your top 5? Ok, got it?


Your budget to get the people in the places you need to solve or address whatever you think are the most pressing issues…is…

Two Hundred and Seventy-Five Million Dollars.

The question’s are:

1-Is this enough to address the problems you feel we need to address

2-Is this not enough

3-Is this too much

I have to know so please don’t keep me waiting. Play! – simple and then I’ll tell everyone who played the answers and you can see how you did!

Ok – have fun – thanks for reading.

The Leaders Are You

Wondering where all the leaders have gone
but now,
it’s been 2 decades and 3
and I can’t lie to myself
like before
that someone will stop the madness.

There is no one coming.
The ones in power are there
because I’ve waited
because I’ve stayed away
because I’ve pretended.

And the ones in power
are not going to make things better
that’s not what they do
they can’t
and I shouldn’t expect them to
so I won’t.

I am the leader.
You are the leader.
The leaders are us.

Look at what’s happening…
my god…
it’s all so human
it’s all so tragic
it’s all so fearful
it’s all so masculine
it’s all so forceful
Look at what’s happening…

Look to yourself to make it better
look to yourself to make it better
look to yourself to make it better.

Fall In Vermont

There can be no fear of death
while driving through
quilted hills of red and rust
and orange, yellow
crisp air and apples
excite the senses
sublime is
tunnels of color
tornadacitos of leaves
like saying goodbye
never lay down
but just float
in yellow
like saying goodbye.

Minimum Wage Law is Bullshit and Will Create the Opposite of What People Implementing it Want, Unless What They Want is More Poverty

Larry Elder says California will lose 400,000 jobs sure to $15 minimum wage
I really like to write. This is the blog with the most history for me and I haven’t been here in almost a year. Just happens I’m sitting in a coffee shop (PK Coffee – Stowe, VT), back in Vermont and picking up this blog again. It feels great, like coming home.
And so why not just open it up…

(MWL)Minimum Wage Law (in Vermont and anywhere) is Bullshit. And I mean that in the nicest way. I mean it in the nicest way because I do believe that most of us are more similar than we are led to believe, want to believe or allow ourselves to experience (more on this another time, but it’s a problem). I believe most of the strongest proponents of minimum wage law want things to be better for people. I believe they care about people and they want to do good. And it’s with that belief in mind that I call BULLSHIT because I assume that people who want to do good, really do want to do good more than they want to be right and so therefor calling BS is helpful because it helps to redirect focus so that good things can actually be accomplished rather than just promoted.

I was discussing this the other day with two people who were staunch supporters of Minimum Wage Law, so much so that they were dismissive of my questions, even the slightest thoughts that maybe it’s not a good idea was met by this hard line that’s hard to describe but easy to experience. It was like I was a little child, I guess, or maybe a women in the company of misogynists. They expressed in absolutes saying things like “there is no doubt…” and “the data all shows…” and then kind of gloating over their own responses while leaving me to feel (If I happened to be 7 years old) stupid, immature, and not worthy of my own perspective, I’m glad I’m not 7 years old.

These two people told me to “just Google it, there’s so much data that shows how minimum wage law is helpful to communities”. Now just to be clear, I am no proponent of Minimum Wage Law at all, I think it’s bad for society in a big way and bad especially for the people it’s seeking to help. But that being said, I thought, Ok, I’ll try it, I’ll Google this and find out what’s “out there”. I expected I would have to dig, not too much but maybe to the second page of results, to find data that supported my position but I had no doubt I’d find it.  So I searched this “Minimum Wage Law Success or Failure” (Try it). And I was completely surprised at what came up, and then I wrote this post.

Disclosure: I have done no more searching since I searched the above statement. I got the information I needed and it was enough for me in this context.  The first three results were all negative towards the success of MWL. They were current, they were articles in mainstream media and they were all headlines that illuminated that maybe it’s not working out so well. The reason I was surprised wasn’t because I was questioning my belief but because these two people who are so convinced that MWL is the right choice that they told me to search, hadn’t actually searched themselves. And not only that but that the top three (and maybe it was more…but I didn’t look) results in Google are all mainstream articles exploring the ideas that in Seattle and maybe one other city, MWL wasn’t working the way people had expected and that it actually may be hurting the people it was supposed to help.

Don’t get me wrong though, and I went back just now to take a closer look. There is news saying that MWL is helpful and saying that it’s the “Conservatives” making up stories in regard to any negative perspective but even those articles are older, like 2015, 2016. The most recent articles, 2017, are negative (accurate in their negativity in my opinion). And so I’m right back where I started. What the hell is going on?

Honestly I don’t think it’s as much a  Minimum Wage Law issue…it’s a people being willing to really challenge their beliefs issue. Where are those people? Are you one?  And just to let you know, if you think I’m not challenging my beliefs, if you ever meet me or have met me and feel like I’m being closed minded (which I certainly have been many thousands of times in my life) please tell me…and I’ll check myself, because I do want to do good, I do want to help people, I do want things to get better and I have a lot of experience where my own Bullshit has gotten in the way of doing that.

Thanks for reading and welcome (me) back to Vermont!

Hello Vermont

Hello Vermont

Hello country roads

Hello community greens

Hello small schools woven like blood vessels

our hearts

Hello farms, courageous innovators

Hello mountains and rivers and sugarbush

Hello townspeople under one roof

trying to make sense of the non-sense


Hello Vermont

what choices

will you make today

Hello Vermont

is there only one path

only one path


Hello Vermont

I am a child

and I am not afraid

do not cover me

with your fear

do not cover me

I do not live well

when covered

I must be able

to move, freely

I must be able to

exclaim loudly

and walk anywhere

on the earth

and show my children

what it means to live


Hello Vermont

will we be as wild as you

will we step off the path

and lose ourselves in your woods

in your mountains

in your spirit

will we step off the path

and realize we are ok

and then realize we have

much work to do

and many children to love

will we step off the path

and lose ourselves

and be on our way




to being found.


My god!  My God!

will we step off the path!

MOST LIKELY TO SECEDE: The Vermont Resolution for Food Sovereignty – Vermont Commons


This is a short article, I think it shows the meat of the resolution that was formed in Vermont to address the illegitimacy of the bill S.510 that gives the FDA more reach, like even deeper into our pockets.  I really wonder how many people know what is going on?

MOST LIKELY TO SECEDE: The Vermont Resolution for Food Sovereignty – Vermont Commons.

Bob White Systems

Bob White Systems.


This is a short and great read on the future (which is now the present) of Vermont.  Dairy farming is the framework here but the concept of small and in-scale business can be applied to anything.
Vermont is uniquely positioned to take advantage of Micro-Business.

Vermont Irrelevance

Irrelevance Vermont


it’s not that we need new laws


it’s that we need to uphold justice


but listen to what EVERYONE is saying


if you don’t own yourself

I’m pretty sure

they don’t own you either


Vermont Irrelevance

Everyone that’s been in Vermont less than 10 years


is strategizing








and look around at all the master strategists

trying to orchestrate your lives

because they can’t orchestrate

their own

like a shunned prom queen


Vermont Irrelevance

I think there are more people with sense

and compassion

than not


and I think those people need to get together over sense


because blood is coming

and it could be worked out




while all the slow pokes are

addressing the challenges of our state


the world is flying by


there must not be challenges –

there must not be


what would it look like

if there were no challenges


Vermont Irrelevance


All screaming about victory



A real victory would be living in full recognition of who you are and your value in the world


But not us…victory for us


Victory is the allowance of our recognition

from those who have no right to allow

who has a right to allow you

to recognize yourself


and we shout victory victory victory


vermont irrelevance

Peter Welch is the Leader of the Dead…And I Need To Chill

Peter Welch is the leader of …what is it, I can’t even name it and if I can’t name it how could I write about it.  I guess I’ll try.

He leads people who want the government to take care of everything, he leads people who have given up their belief in the human spirit…he leads the dead.

Peter Welch is a leader of the dead, disguising the bottom of the barrel as the cream of the crop, celebrating the death of innovation with manufactured progress and strangling the human spirit with his relentless assumption that he follows the righteous path.  He is the worst we have to offer because he is a strategist and his main strategy is to be popular, which if he succeeds will end up getting him re-elected and maybe even a seat in a higher level office.  There seems to be almost no escape from his agenda and in fact more an more each sloganized, shrink wrapped, sterilized idea he promotes is met by louder and louder cheers from a populace that I have become convinced is lobotomized by comfort and like a sex fiend celebrates even the inkling of a pleasurable impact on themselves without regard for principle, ethics or the human spirit.  I have been and continue to be fully and violently disgusted that the people of Vermont celebrate Peter Welch and what he represents in the world.

So now that I’ve got that off my chest, what does a person do about this.  What does a person who cares enough to read and write about Peter Welch do, what action is to be taken in response to this vision, this strategist, this usurper of the last bit of human good

Maybe putting down the indignation for a while and writing about love is a good idea.

Practical Poetry – or – The F(fooled) D(d’ya) A(again)

The labels says:

“The FDA has said no significant difference has been shown & no test can now distinguish between milk from rBGH treated and untreated cows.”

It doesn’t belong

but there it is

as if the FDA is some kind of business

some kind of creative force

as if the FDA is the one that needs protection.

They are afraid of the truth

why would farmers reject the use of rBGH

why would they want cows as they are

and are meant to be

why would that be important

A farmer chooses to care in a way that best reflects

who he is

and what he believes

the cow is as perfect as the human

as the milk

as the water

as the grain

as the corn

they are all of nature and bountiful in their innocence

A farmer chooses a natural path

a path that has been chosen for all of human time.

A business chooses to care in a way that best reflects

it’s values

Seeking out others in creation

that share the value

today it happens

that the value is milk,

milk in it’s most natural state

nothing needed, nothing added

no humans trying to perfect

what is perfect

what happens you we attempt to perfect


rBGH happens

the FDA happens

shit happens

and in this marriage of values,

a farmer’s toil and love

a businesses manifestation of it’s values

there is an invader

there is a cancer

a usurper

a liar

an infector

a virus

there is a crazy man at the wheel

and somehow we have all been convinced

of our need for him

The FDA forces the ones that choose nature

that choose purity

that say no to perfecting the perfect


them to promote an opposing value –

what treason, what reason

what treason

there is no FDA without the farmer or the businessman

and just let bessie’s master

force the FDA

to propagandize nature


The fucking FDA…

Ohh I wish for you to understand


the evidence is here

the evidence is clear

there is no defense to be waged

The F(ool) D(‘ya) A(gain)

this is the world we live in

the world we allow

this is the world we allow


as long as they



good things.

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