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Open Writing #1 Collection

There’s so much ripeness. I’ve picked a bunch of “fruit” and now it’s to create something beautiful and delicious before it rots. I will be touching back on these writings for as long as the fruit remains ripe. I would love and appreciate your thougts and feelings on whatever topic moves you.

  • Can “Vermont” Lead Us?
  • Guilt and Shame are Flavors Not Food
  • Courageous Parenting
  • Why I Love Monuments
  • If You Haven’t Changed, Why Do You Expect Others To Have Changed?
  • Advice To Black People
  • The Real War Is Coming
  • We’re Always Fighting The State
  • I’m a Racist Heathen and It’s My World

Can “Vermont” Lead Us?
The Brave Little State speech is like a lifeline today, a lifeline that has been under assault, known or not, by our political apparatus which are not completely but overwhelmingly driven by financial desires. “Vermont” can lead us…

I love Vermont because of her hills and valleys, her scenery and invigorating climate, but most of all because of her indomitable people. They are a race of pioneers who have almost beggared themselves to serve others. If the spirit of liberty should vanish in other parts of the Union, and support of our institutions should languish, it could all be replenished from the generous store held by the people of this brave little state of Vermont.

Calvin Coolidge, 1928 “Brave Little State”

Guilt and Shame are Flavors Not Food

Making decisions because of guilt or shame is following a sociopathic morality and a lot of “normal” people are doing that.

Courageous Parenting
There’s no getting it right but there is getting it wrong. In fact sometimes the only way we can find our way is by continuously getting it wrong, seeing it’s wrong and making an adjustment to a lesser wrong. Courageous parenting is getting it less wrong. But this is very hard, next to impossible in the social systems we’ve created, and it would be very hard to do without support of a community who believe as you, even if it’s a tiny community.

Why I Love Monuments
Someone, generally before we were alive, wanted us to remember something. They wanted us to remember so much that they built great structures that took great resources and even lives. What did they want us to remember and why is it important to remember?

If You Haven’t Changed, Why Do You Expect Others To Have Changed?
Have you changed your beliefs? Or have you just gotten more familiar with what you believe and more invested? Can you see the futility of thinking others should change if you haven’t? It’s pretty easy to see what’s coming when you look at the consistency of how people behave. Until that consistency is broken, nothing will change in the way we want it to.

It’s crazy, right? It’s like everyone thinks they just got the new information that will finally convince everyone else who’ve been adamantly opposed to finally agree. What the hell is that about? Have you noticed that the arguements have only changed content? Yes, and now everyone’s adding the condecension into their posts to reflect that not only are you, as the one holding the opposing viewpoint, wrong in your viewpoint but you are also of lesser intelligence and moral character than “I” and “I” will be sure you know that (because making sure people who you disagree with feel morally and intellectually inferior is a sure sign of the moral high ground).

It’s really basic in some ways. We have an important bunch of things to talk about. People are listening and people care but there’s a very vocal and fairly large group of people who have proclaimed, with no evidence whatsoever, that THEY are the authority on what is good and bad. These folks haven’t changed, they feel more like themselves than ever and that’s the most terrifying thing because while many people have taken this #GreatPause to to painful, introspective work, to deepen their understanding of how we are all connected, how our mutual actions and mutual behavior matters, as we seek towards justice in the world.

It’s really basic but some just don’t get it. If you’re behaving in a cruel, oppressive, violent, hateful way towards others, if you are belittling, shaming or using fear to motivate others (or yourselves) you cannot achieve Justice for anyone. But you will achieve something, it might be a different form of Justice for yourself but it won’t be the Justice you seek.

Are you the type that uses these strategies to try to convince others of your own moral standing? Are you the type that says it’s ok to shame people into changing their viewpoints and then call that progress? Are you the type to behave in a hateful way towards others on your question to achieve a less violent society for people? Time to take a hard freaking look in the mirror if you are and if you’re not sure, just go back over your social media posts, take a look at who you are in that realm and you’ll have your answer.

Advice To Black People
Black Power and if you really want justice, how to talk to white people (Capitalization intended exactly as is).

The Real War Is Coming
when you focus on differences, war is inevitable because you can always find differences. The biggest difference in our existence is not skin color or money, it’s what we are familiar with as The Male and what we are unfamiliar which is known as the “Female” but is more accurately described as the “Non-Male”.

We’re Always Fighting The State
“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn’t exist”.

How “The State” must have chaos because without it, what would be it’s job and how this creates a false belief that the State is the authority on human rights and the only grantor and we are driven so insane by this belief that we sit silent in our humanity while screaming at the top of our lungs that we have not been granted something that is impossible to grant and when the impossiblity is then bestowed on us, we find no joy because joy is not possible with false grantings and meanwhile the thing we truly want has been forgotten or distracted from and the state of that thing, the truly important thing has become more jeapordized than it was before we undertook to have it’s solution granted to us.

The State is rule. It is designed to create and enforce rules. It’s not designed to promote humanity, it can’t because the State has only one mechanism for change, force. We have fallen so far away from an appropriate State entity that there should be no arguement for increased State anything!

Look at how we are all running around arguing with each other, screaming and yelling and fighting for things that cannot be granted. We cannot grant justice, we cannot grant equality, we cannot grant peace, we cannot grant these things and yet not only do we try to have them granted to us, we have creates a behemoth, the State, that takes our money on top of not being able to grant us the things we most dearly want.

Arguements about this are low hanging fruit and can be summed up simply by taking the example of the “Civil Rights Movement” of the 60’s where the illusion that a State Mechanism could some how grant civility to a person was played out in full. This is the Devil convincing the people he doesn’t exist. How did we come to believe, in the first place, that a State, could grant us our humanity? How was this initial tricked played on us and how did we buy into that so completely that people have died and killed to achieve not only the unachievable but to also poison their own sense of morality and to then feed that poison to the next generation?

My arguement is that we have died and killed, sacrificed and suffered for the fantasy that The State can somehow save us, save our humanity or be the primary driver of a humane life and worse, yes, worse we have not only suffered great pains and death to uphold this fantasy but worse we refuse the messages of our soul and from our children. We refuse to hear the messages of our children. Before we let them speak, before we hear them…we inform them, we inject them with this poison fantasy that is ours alone and we do this in action well before we speak it and because our children are the most effective learning machines and pattern machines they pick it up almost immediately and with nothing in place to interrupt the base assumption that they are not good enough and that they must seek the approval of the the State (Authority) to validate their goodness, a goodness and righetousness that we demonstrate can only be granted from above, we poison our children, we ensure the cycle of war.

Whether we want to see it or not, people are not the enemy of people. The State can be an enemy of people and in most cases, maybe all cases, it is, if you must find an enemy. If you must find a fight and maybe we must, let the fight be against the State. If we must tame and topple and demand and threaten, let it be against a State that seeks to make us believe we need it in a way that it must be inserted into every aspect of our lives. We do not need it. The State is like technology, it’s our bitch, we use it, not the other way around.

I’m a Racist Heathen and It’s My World

What is all this arguing about
Crazy white people
Black children
White children
Crazy black people

Children. All.


Boys talk about fighting.
Men fight.
A real man will not hurt another person
without having been hurt himself
and when he does hurt another
he will recognize the hurt he’s caused himself
and his family
and the world
and he will carry the hurt with him


Boys talk about fighting
and nobility
and honor
as if they go together
rather than
being a tiny trickle
in a great ocean.

Honor is not angry
nobility is not strong
I’ve learned how to recognize
the boys,
as I’ve grown up myself
and left my boy, to walk with me

Always a reminder and playmate,
Seldom the leader.

Boys, you boys, you silly boys,
there is nothing wrong with boys
the only problem is the monster
who strangles the boy
with the noose of his father.

Boys will be boys.
There is no escape,
because they must.
The only question is
who will step in,
not to proclaim boyhood
and point,
but to demonstrate manhood,
so the boys can find
the only way,


You Are Different

Someone is planning for war.
Someone who thinks
it’s the best option.
Someone is planning to send
children to kill children.
Someone is planning on
a justification so complete
as to make those giving everything
feel as if they haven’t done enough
it’s like concrete, our ideals

We have been so completely
trained in our indolence
and prefer the comfort
that our concretized ideas
and we don’t ask ourselves
what our shelter
is actually providing.

The weak minded
gloat over what they
call victory,
while the cowardly

Don’t mistake,
we are all weak minded
and cowardly.

Like children.

Except for you.
You are different.

A morning with my son…

James Arthur and I left the house at 7:30. It was time for daddy to take the child out of the house so the girls could get some sleep. Time for daddy and son to have a little adventure time. Not sure what it is but there is something, for me, about going out to breakfast with my son. It’s not like lunch or dinner. It’s quieter, it’s the beginning of the day and if I’m prepared I get to treat myself while sharing time with my son.

The diner was typical, that’s what makes it great. Stainless steel, mushroom like counter stools with vinyl toppers and crowded booths. But the best part is the people.

I couldn’t help but listen; even when there is no one sitting around you – diners are like giant listening tubes. Two men sat at the end of the counter, old men, whom if they sat quietly would give off the dignity of age. One was trying to sit quietly but it wasn’t quite his nature and the other was proclaiming “that if he were president, when the troops left Iraq he would leave a big sign that said, ‘We’ll be back’ because it’s just not right what’s happening over there. We should wipe em, wipe em clean. They’ve got these families and they all live together and they fight and we can’t attack them. Wipe em clean, I say, wipe em clean”. The old man brayed with the kind of laughter that makes you wonder if something’s wrong, even after you’ve heard it a few times.

The quieter man, I think, felt it was his duty to sit and listen. He gave a couple of resigned “yes’s” and “Yup’s”, as if he had nothing better to do with his time and he understood that any other response would prompt a reply he really wasn’t ready to address. He was comfortable where he was.

Another old man came in, alone. He asked to no one in particular but with the assumption that it was me “why is that car getting so excited out there?”. I looked at him, looked at my son and looked at the car keys in his hand. “My son likes to play with the buttons on the key, he’s the one exciting the car”. The old man laughed. His good, stoic nature coming through. He had gotten a jolt when he stepped peacefully and un-interrupted from his car this morning, perhaps thinking of his day or of the pancakes and sausage he was about to enjoy in peace. What does a random honk and flashing lights from an unmanned vehicle to do your state when your state is peaceful pancakes? It must have jared the man and he brought with him the remnants of his fight or flight reaction to his question but seeing it was a beautiful, smiling, rosy cheeked child who was responsible for the disruption of his world, his good nature took over with a smile and he was back to pancakes in peace.

We ate our breakfasts. Yogurt shake with blueberries (or in Babyspeak “Yohgit sheek”) and omlettes with diner veggies, potatoes and rye toast, a hot, black coffee and ice water. The two old men continued in their way. The bray-er and the comfortable one. And the solitary man waited for his pancakes, he wore a hearing aid in his left ear, a winter flannel and horn-rimmed glasses that all the hipsters are wearing today.

As much as I got the feeling of a terrified child when listening to the old, braying man, I got a feeling of deep, solidity from the pancake man; he was a man who had worked earnestly all his life and in his older years his confusion at the world was tempered by his understanding of himself and his values.

And so there we sat, a young, curly haired, bright-eyed child, an in love father and three old men living in the world their way. James-Arthur stood up in his high chair and proclaimed “Tractew, daddy ah see tractew” and I knew it was time to go. I smiled at my amazing depth of fortune and of the blessed life I’ve chosen to live, picked up the check and said “Good Morning” to all. I lifted my son in my arms and all eyes followed us out in silence…wondering. As we stepped into the blowing cold of a coming New England winter we both saw what we had really come for, what we had waited, patiently, to see. The old, yellow bulldozer sat across the lot. That was the the “tractew” and off we went into the wind and the world to see it.

Will You

And so today I am here.


I do not lift an axe

or pull back a hammer

I do not clench a fist

or spit acidic words




Today I am here.


In my moment

I put down my punishment

and reveal,

underneath the weight,

my bright and shining child

of the world.


Will you make your eyes big

as if you are seeing everything

for the first time

as if a child



Will you lift yourself from the normalcy

of murder and corruption.


Will you be young again

and greedy for what is yours.


Do you know what is yours.


Do you know what is yours.


Will you remember

why it is you defend

and what is being defended

in your wars.


When you rage

what is it

that you are protecting.


And when you sit quietly

-perhaps, even now, reading this –

This moment



What is in danger


Will you open your eyes

like a child


and look on the world


for the first time


Will you know


what is yours


will you see the distraction

of protection


Will you.




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