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Try Now, To Feel It In Yourself

One of us is blind my friend
and maybe it is you.
One of us is blind my friend
who is leading who?
I have thought a lot
about the fact
that I cannot clearly see
and have come to the conclusion
that you
are not
with me.

And what other place could I arrive
if I am to be a human being
where else could I possibly settle
if not strong within myself
of course you’re not right with me
anything less is straight betrayal.

Everyone one of us picks sides
we all pick our favorite player.
We pick our favorite team
we love our favorite flavors.
We believe our own conclusions
We embrace our soulful truths
We travel round in circles
pointing out abuse
We’re like butterflies of poison
we know not what we do
but we fill our pouches
with righteous vengeance
and call it healing muse.

Do you remember your indignance
and how wonderful it feels
you’re so protected from your nature
you’re so wrapped up an un-confused.

Yes, yes, my child
I remember you
when you were so young
and before you were so well taught
that hatred has a home
and that it’s home is inside you
and there’s nothing you can do.

There is only one revolution possible
only one from which all others spring
Human life is not wide open like you think
Love is the only way
the rest is born of something else
Love is the only way
try now
to feel it in yourself.

Try now
to feel it
in yourself.

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