QUIT THE GOVERNMENT…and the people who led us here

You Can’t Quit The Government

I’ve been noticing more and more certain retail businesses offering better prices for cash purchases and some not offering to take credit cards at all.  Business people have begun to realize that cash is cheaper than credit (at least on it’s face).  Customers are realizing it too, credit doesn’t make a whole lot of sense right now, the convenience is no longer worth the price.  The end result of these realizations is a change in how people are doing business.  Imagine businesses and consumers changing without legislation, without regulation.  Gas stations and restaurants around the country are charging a different, higher price for credit purchases or no longer accepting credit cards at all.  People are quitting credit!

Why is this important?

Two reasons.  The first is it is an example of the power and choice of the “free market”.  These are people making a choice, this is an example of how individuals united in common knowledge can demand and dictate change, by themselves, no regulation needed.  At some point what may come as a result of these choices is a credit card company that actually sees the value of retaining customers and that tailors its business model to focus more on customer relationships; or it may become clear that credit as we know it will die because the old system can’t function the way people are now demanding.  Either way it will be people making a choice determines the fate of the credit card companies, not the other way around. This is the way it’s supposed to work.

The second and perhaps more personal reason this example is important is for what it makes clear in it’s comparison and contrast to the current government of the United States and of many individual States.  It shines light on the lack of choice in government.  We can’t quit the government, at least not without going to jail or having to leave the country, or maybe dying.  The irony here is that our government and the people who run it like to act like businesses, they like to pretend they are a business except for the fact that they don’t allow choice.  Ask yourself what is a business that doesn’t allow choice?  What is a government that forces you to buy its products?  How does that even work, it makes the mind bend!  And if we are forced to buy the products of our government does that make us possessions of our government and of the people who run it?  Are we subjects?

I love the idea of people making choices; I love the idea of individuals trading value with one another without the interference of a gun or jail cell.  I love that a businessman can decide that credit card fees are too high and encourage his customers to pay cash, that customers recognize the value difference and bring cash to the transactions.  The credit card companies are left out in the cold to change or die based on the will of the people doing the transaction.  That is the beauty of the “free market”, do you see, you don’t need interference by another party to make that change happen, it happens on its own and as the result of an informed and inspired populace.

Is it clear that the government we’ve been living under and the leaders that have been leading want to own you?  Do you recognize it and does it bother you?  The people who have led us hear are more responsible than the people who have followed but the followers, us, now have the knowledge or at least access to the knowledge to make different choices.  This means that if the people, the followers, YOU! decide to prefer the velvet collar to the bright and cutting wind of reality, well, it will surely be a collar they (YOU) will get and since the illusion has already been shattered there will be no more need for velvet.  A chain collar, short tethered to a metal poll stuck in a small and barren patch of land will suffice.

No.  I do not belong to this government.  I am not a possession or a subject.  I belong to something much, much greater.  I belong to the Human community and within that community I belong to the American Ideal.  It is, for sure, time to stand up and be counted, if not for yourself then for your children.  The age of cowardice is upon us and the ones that are the biggest cowards, the ones who have led us here depend on your cowardice to mirror theirs.  They depend on fear, they depend on you being reliant on what they say and not what they do.  They depend on the death of learning and of individual rights.  The veil has been lifted and your choice today is simple, break free and face all the challenges of re-birth and re-imagine our world or cower and snarl like a chained dog, impotent but for all the noise.  It’s time to quit the government which means quitting the people who have led us here.

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