BuR5T – Issue #1, November 1, 2010

Tomorrow is the most significant day in all of human history.  Really, it is.  Contained in this letter is the reason why, the answer to why.  I am going to tell you how to achieve the revolution, bloodlessly, free, and with all the power and force of a million man army.  Do not put this letter down.  You will need to take action but first read.

There is an answer.

There is no way to fix what is wrong in America (and the world) by using our current mechanism of government and in fact it is not government that is the problem but this form, our form of government that prevents us from clearly seeing and experiencing the problem.  Our government today creates false problems because it must.  If our government didn’t create false problems we as a populace could more clearly begin to see the truth.  We live in a world of savage competition for the human spirit and the team that wants to crush it down and grind it into the dirt is winning.

I will give you the answer.

But first you must understand the responsibilities of victory.  America is the most noble and shining example of humanity’s attempt to allow freedom of spirit.  Even today and even though we are still greater than we realize we have opportunities for expression unavailable in other parts the world.  This is why America was founded.  The freedom of human expression is the highest most honorable and most natural state.  It is not a state of static, big guns type of power it is a way of living.  It is a way of living that allows for learning and human contact and interaction and growth.  It is a state that is in peril today, deep peril and it is so because we all, you, me, your parents, my parents, their parents, their parents and their parents etc…were not able or willing to stand up MORE.  Because we compromised.  Because we felt that others had a better understanding than we did about how to live.  The bottom line:  you have given up the responsibility of living like a human being.  Are you angry at that statement?  Good.  Check your disguise, if you weren’t a criminal of your own soul you wouldn’t feel angry about it.  And anger is good, but not as a way of life, anger is a good burst, a good way to get you out into the world and on the path to human again.

And so now, the responsibilities of victory.  What happens when we win, and we will win, we can win, it will be clear to you.  Our society is like life inside a giant hurricane.  Today that is what life is like, constant fear, constant pounding, constant damage control, constant threats of death and destruction, constant actual death and destruction, short foresight, immediacy of action, hurry, hurry, hurry before we go insane.  No wonder people want to be sedated.  We will, by this victory, stop the hurricane.  Immediately we will stop the hurricane.  And the veil will be lifted and the sun will shine on every part of our life again and with the light will come the revelation of truth and with the revelation of truth will come the despair of ignorance.  You have ignored your truth for so long, you have ignored the truth that has been all around you.  If it makes you feel better and feeling better is where you need to be to motivate yourself to make the necessary changes you may tell yourself that life in a hurricane is rough, it is impossible to see, you may tell yourself that by virtue of your own heroic actions of late you have been a prime mover in blowing apart the hurricane of our old life and of creating the sunshine and the renewed gift of truth.  Your responsibility now is to never lose sight of that truth, to never lose sight of the struggle.  Your responsibility is to begin to address the destruction that has been created and so ingrained in all of us for so long.  Your responsibility now is to honor your healing, honor yourself and honor your fellow humans.  Your responsibility now is to never compromise your value again, to never allow the destruction of a hurricane to touch the souls of your children.  What will happen after our victory – it is too vast to specify, the damage will be immense and deeply spread there will be more a need now for heros than even before.  There will be more need now for purpose than even before.  You will witness the silent, quieted battle field and all of the injured and mutilated.  Your responsibility now is to care for the injured and honor the mutilated.  Your responsibility after our victory is to clean up the mess and to plant the seeds for a vision that will never suffer the hurricane again.

I will give you the answer.

But first you must know the practicality of the solution.  You must have some information that allows success.  And it will be successful if the following things are achieved.

1-This letter must reach people at such a staggering rate as to put any celebrity murder video on You Tube to shame.  This letter and it’s journey must first, before securing victory for the people must first set an example of the priority of humanity and take the place of fads and violence on display.  It must rocket around the country so that all children thus forth can see where it is our priorities truly lie.

2-Time is  perfect.  Now.  Do it now.  This letter could not have come out earlier.  There is no consideration that it is too late in fact it is just the opposite, when you hear the final conclusion and when you put it into practice you will see how perfectly timed the letter is.  Do it now.

3-Talk with others NOW about this, use electronic means only as a last resort but do not avoid them.  Talk with people so you know who is on board because it will be important, later, to know.  Plan, in your own mind, what it will be like after the victory, vision your own responsibilities and how you will best carry them and share them.

4-Build community.  It doesn’t matter what phase you are in in community building.  Do it more.  Community will be the back bone of our survival after the victory.  It will be how we clean up and grow.  Community will be how we take back the responsibility that we have all thrown down.

5-Secure all voting places.  We are coming to the answer and you will understand.  You must secure all the voting places.  You must have a representative present when votes are tallied and even when boxes are locked, transported etc.  Through every bit of the process there must be someone who believes in our victory there to monitor.

6-Be prepared for violence.  It will come.  The forces that have created the hurricane and have nurtured it for so long make their living and their life from it’s destruction.  They will not go quietly.  But, and this is vital, they will go easily.  All that will be left for them to demonstrate and for all the world to witness will be their response to our inevitable victory.  They will have no legitimacy because you will have ensured it, they will only have left to them pure power and pure power is always, always thwarted by compassionate intelligence.  You must figure it out for yourself but you must never resort to compromise of our victory and for the principles behind it, lead by the free expression of the human spirit.

So are you ready?

It is simple, free even “legal”.  There is not one physical encumbrance to achieving the most thorough victory.  In fact when you see the single word encapsulation of the answer you may even have a notion to immediately stop and in disgust move on to something else…Do not do that.  Read the explanation and make your decision.  The answer my fellow humans, is to vote and not just vote but vote a certain way.  Everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone must vote, vote, vote, vote.  And when you vote, you must vote for only those who have no incumbency and no affiliation to major parties.  Your vote is the natural vaccination and now you have the ability to see what it is you would truly be vaccinating against…it is not the people that matter in this respect.  It is not the people who are our enemies or our friends in this example.  It is what the people represent.  It is what the people represent that your vote will be vaccinating us against.  It is what the person who calls himself a democrat or a republican represent.  It is what the person who calls himself an independent (or some other name you have never heard) represents.  You need not wonder or worry who these others are that you have never heard of, parties you have never heard of are what we want.  We want to elect people, not belief systems.  We want to elect people, not dogma.  We want to elect people who have independent minds like us because anyone like that would not have imposition of their values onto mine on their minds.  The answer my friends and fellow Americans and fellow Vermonters and fellow people is to vote for anyone who doesn’t represent the status quo AND TO DO SO IN SUCH NUMBERS THAT ON WEDNESDAY MORNING WHEN WE AWAKE WILL BE FREE OF THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM.  FREE FROM THE INCUMBENTS WHO HAVE LED US HERE.  FREE AND TERRIFIED.  And let that terror, like realizing you’ve actually gotten what you asked for, let that terror sit with you and do not be afraid of it, it cannot hurt you.  Imagine the message we can all send.  And imagine who will be receiving the message.  It will not be republican or democrat or incumbent that is the end user of the message.  Imagine who will truly get the message when we wake up on Wednesday and we are no longer living in a two party system.  Where the voice of humanity will ring in all places imagine the feeling when you know that your brothers and sisters in California, Colorado, Texas, Connecticut, Vermont, Georgia and everywhere achieved the same results.  Imagine the unity and the power that would come with a message like this.  Truly imagine.  There is not much time and that is by design.  Consider nothing to be sacred except your actions, which are your beliefs made real.  Make this happen.  Make this happen.  You can.

PS:  To any candidate who finds him or herself in the position of having been elected where they previously had no chance know now that you are the product of the peoples choice and that you will be held accountable to that choice and to the ideal that drove that choice, the ideal of the freedom of human expression.  Your choice now is to bring the people together.  You have been elected because you had the courage and exhibited the effort to achieve what you have, but you never would have been elected had it not been for the people.  You must call a meeting, bring all those the voted for you and not for the others together, quickly, now and decide how you are going to do it.

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