Popcorn is not only delicious…The Popcorn Principle

Tonight I cooked one of my favorite foods.  Crunchy, salty, creamy and a perfect receptacle for anything sweet and syrupy…POP CORN is yummy.  But tonight was different.  Tonight, as I poured the BB like kernels into the hot pot I noticed how beautiful all the colors were.  Sally had chosen a gourmet corn that wasn’t your typical orange/yellow but instead was almost decorative in appearance…

I was excited…figuring I was going to get a beautiful bowl as colorful coming out as it was going in…

As all professional poppers know the correct way to pop corn is to coat the bottom of the pan with oil and drop a few kernels in.  Wait.  When the those first scouts pop you know the oil is ready for the rest of the corn.

From the other room – I heard the call…the muffled pop as the single drop of water inside the kernel exploded into vapor with enough force to turn the hard seed inside out.

I rushed in, four more had popped, and prepared to pour the bulk of my bounty into the sizzling pot.

It doesn’t take long when properly prepared and being a pro I was prepped to pop.  After about a minute the mosiac kernels began to explode, each turning inside out and a funny and profound thing began to happen.

I realized that popcorn and people are like peas in a pod.  My kernels before explosion were colored like an earthen rainbow, browns, blacks, yellows, oranges, purples and everything in between.  As the heat did it’s business and the hard shelled kernels exposed their innards it became clear to me that on the inside all popcorn is the same…

And so that’s my lesson for tonight and for the season.  Popcorn, like people, is the same on the inside and  I’m sure that if more people had the understanding of the Popcorn Principle the world we be a better place.

So the next time you’re tempted to judge someone because they look different.  Think of the multi-colored popcorn kernels before they expose their insides…the fact that they look different is our gift, the fact that they are the same on the inside is our responsibility!

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