Bad is the New Good – Zuccotti Park revisited

Seeing things at the source is important to me.  Justice is important to me.

Actually I’ve got it backwards…Justice is important to me so seeing things at the source is really important to me.

I really think the only thing we need ( at least at this point in humanities quest) to begin to transform our world is Justice.  Justice from the very top to the very bottom.  There would be minimal need for laws, regulations, bureaucracy, government.  If the president of the USA committed violence against another person he would be held accountable, if a homeless man stole a piece of bread he would be held accountable.

Justice makes money not matter, how much  you “have or don’t have” doesn’t matter.  That’s why Justice is such a vital part of whatever solution we are searching for and that’s why if we could create a system of Justice everything else would fall into place around it and we could begin imagining a beautiful future.

I challenge anyone, PLEASE, to disagree and present and argument for debate on this.

In the meantime, in between time, there’s something’s happenin’ here and what it is ain’t exactly clear” but it started in Zuccotti Park, NY and I wanted to know more about it so I traveled to the city and traveled to the park, I occupied because it was time for me to take that action in my life because seeing things at their source is important to me.

Here’s a pic from Zuccotti Park.  I couldn’t help thinking when I saw this kid and his crew and his sweatshirt that these kids have been raised, partially, by electronic teachers, video games, TV, music…what impacts will this kid have on OCCUPY?  How seriously does he take his own message?

Is it true?

Thank you

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