So it begins again – day 1 – Manhattan

I’ve said this line a lot in my life.  And I think that’s pretty cool.  I’ve always been open to exploring but, in retrospect, not as open as I think I’ve been.  Kind of like exploring with a net…but I think it’s different this time.  Different because it’s the type of thing, this type of exploring, that scares me.  It’s just me, me and them, me and all those potential sales in the big, cold, cruel world…NOT!  But it is just me and there’s not a lot to distract between success and failure or between failure and more failure and more failure…there is nothing to hide behind and in the past, when there has been nothing to hide behind, i have opted to not go down that road, instead I’ve opted to find somewhere to hide, somewhere else to go and to make up excuses as to why i didn’t explore.  Baseball was like this.  Margaritaville was like this.  NYC and Catch The Mania, my business, is not like this.  I don’t feel comfortable and i’m still doing it.

I think in a way I have already succeeded by putting myself in a position where failure, meaning lack of effort in this case, would be almost impossible.  I mean it could happen but it would be a complete breakdown of everything I know to be me and maybe that’s ok and maybe that will happen but I don’t think it will.  Failure to me is not Not getting the sale.  Failure to me is not trying like hell to get the sale.  Failure would be not hitting up 15 places (or more per day) and actually delivering some type of sales pitch whether it’s selling to get an appointment, selling to get the sales pitch itself, or selling the product…like Alec Baldwin says in Glenn Garry Glen Ross – “Always be selling”.

It’s a push for me.  I’ve left my family and have all types of emotions about that.  I don’t want to be fat anymore and have all types of emotions about that.  I want to remain open and compassionate, above all, to myself in my life and I struggle to find the way to sell in that way in a world that doesn’t really respond well to selling in that way.  And then I think – perhaps that’s it, perhaps that’s why it’s important for me to struggle, because it’s important to bring that type of selling into the world.

I am grateful for the people around me and for the people who aren’t around me.  I am aware of my responsibilities that lie within my sight lines and the responsiblities that I cannot see.  I love my life and all of it’s sticky, humane-ness and struggle and I find the more I love my life the more I love other people and so I guess…i am on my way!

Going to see 16 places on the books tomorrow.  The intro line is “I want to make your Monday the new Friday, are you intersted in that?”  And the follow up is a series of 3 questions:

  1. Do you have an outgoing employee
  2. Do you have an in house sound system
  3. Do you have a 2-3 hour period that you’d like to build business

If they say yes to those questions they are aqualified and I give them the pitch.  I’m not exactly sure what the pitch is but the pitch is generally not the difficult thing for me.  the difficult thing is getting to the pitch.

Day 1

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