Men – The Third Choice



Of the wom. Of the womb.


There are so many lies and so many people trying their best or at least doing the best they know how.  I’ve been thinking (HA!) about the books and the philosophy behind “You are what you think” and wanted to share with myself and with you.  I’m going to look at two main choices I think are most relevant. 


Do you think that “You are what you think” or do you think that “You cause your thoughts”?


The question that immediately comes up is:  Are you man enough to proclaim an answer to this question (I’m asking myself).  Because there is no either/or in this case; chicken or the egg doesn’t (can’t) apply.  You can pretend it applies by not answering and you can see the effects of that internal weakness or you can stand up and hammer a stake in the earth of your existence.  What comes first, you or your thoughts?  Ha!  The answer to that question will and does inform your entire life and every decision, known and unknown.  What is your answer?


For most of my life I’ve been that guy in the middle, not wanting to fully answer, not wanting to admit, not wanting to commit to one way or the other, thinking, somehow I was “getting away” with something.  Like I found a loophole.  Funny enough I did find one.  It’s called non-existence.  In this extraordinary life we have a choice for non-existence.  I define “non-existence” as the state of being unconscious, which is the state I’ve found myself (and most of the world) in by refusing to “answer”.


I am tickled by the irony that my own non-commitment, my refusal to really answer this foundational question has “given me freedom”.  That’s what I think I get by remaining foggy, by being intentionally unclear, by having my cake and eating it too.  Either choice, “I am the cause of my thoughts” or “I am what I think” is powerful, defining and humanity building.  Of course one leads to humanity by virtue of not being humane and the other embodies humanity in all of its pain and struggle.  But they both allow humanity (do you know which is which).  It’s the third choice, the place I’ve lived most of my life, that is the worst.  In fact if you’re a religiously flavored person, the third choice is hell right here on earth. 


So what’s your choice?  I’m curious and I want to know.  I know what I think (hehehe) and I’d like to share if others want to know.  One of the beauties of writing is I get to answer a lot of questions for myself, questions that I didn’t have answers to before sitting town to tap the keys.  It’s not so important to share the answers, but I do think it’s important to share the questions.  Do you have any questions?  Thanks for reading.


One response to “Men – The Third Choice”

  1. sundog says :

    “You are what you think” or do you think that “You cause your thoughts”?

    I believe I move from one to the other, sometimes I am what I think I am and sometimes I beleive my thoughts are caused by me. I am never in a constant state of either one, thus making thought and cause difficult to pinpoint unless I’m constantly thinking.


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