The Death of the hope of Facebook

It’s been dead for some time
but I’m so dull
-as planned-
I didn’t see
and now – junk food for the brain –
a place where the only purpose
for those in control
is to make money
When you don’t have control of the source
you don’t have control of the source
and when you think it doesn’t matter
you have subscribed
Until you recognize that the air you breath
can be turned off
or changed
or polluted so that you slowly asphyxiate
or injected with poison
that you are to arrogant to feel
the poison of sameness
the poison of affirmation
the poison of attention
But what’s most beautiful and simple
is that now that Facebook is exposed
as the simpleton it truly is
the bully
afraid for it’s life
it becomes clear
like the wizard behind the curtain
how much more there is.
Yes. Many will die
but it doesn’t matter.
It doesn’t matter because it doesn’t change the fact
That Facebook isn’t what we’ve been waiting for
but it is what we’ve created
what we’ve wanted
like all other things we’ve wanted
and confused with our true hearts
our childs souls
like all other things we’ve wanted.
The things we want do not have power over us
unless we give it.
Facebook perhaps was never meant to provide a hopeful product
maybe it’s always been about the pussy or the dollar
but that’s ok – it opened the door to hope – like the clumsy
giant that can’t help but do damage
as it plods on it’s heavy way
And I have seen
and so have you, maybe.
What a shinning example.
Are you poisoned?

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