At Play In The Field Of Eternity

At play in the field of eternity,
I joust and pout and rage and kill
I find jewels and garbage
they are the same.
All of this life happens on top of a quilt
a fabric of eternity,
the structure of our experience
the paradox of human existence
and the concept
that holds the answers
that are not relevent.

Constant play is taking place
constant flux
give and take
mix and remix
becoming into another
and back to another
and into another
like motor oil on water
the concept is the image of the oil
always morphing, changing
never still
sitting on top of the fabric of the water,
never combining with the water
always separate
Like light and dark
like heat and the absence of heat
like male and female
never mixed
even the anomolies are separate
different and impermeable
because there is nothing to permeate.

This is the structure of eternity
on which we live our lives.

And just imagine
if you could connect with the fabric
that is your eternity,
on which you live every emotion
every joy and conflict
every material and thought and feeling,
lived on top of the structure.

And just imagine
the relief and wonder
of coming back to your eternity
of seeing the structure as different
and completely separate
from your created life.

You are not your anger.
You are not your fear.
You are not your joy.
You are not your love.
You are not your hate.
You are not your oppression.
You are not your kindness.
You are not your religion.
You are not your desires.
You are not your results.
You are not your certainty.
You are not your thoughts.
You are not your emotions.
You are not your feelings.

You are the end, and constantly evolving experience of this human life.
Of life itself.

You are the product.
You are the expression.
You are all of life.
You are god.

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