I can do anything if you walk beside me.

I can face anything if you’re on my team

I can do anything if I have a partner

And I’ll stand for you if it’s not a dream.

And you say it’s all bullshit

Because who needs a team

And who needs a partner

To realize their dreams

And you say you can just do it alone

And that we’re all on our own

And you don’t need anyone

To make a home

And that’s where we differ

Because what is a home

But a space in your head where

You’re free to roam

And roam you will and roam alone

But as night follows day

And light shows the way

There are two consciousnesses

That only together make one

And I’ve that is greater than anything else

Greater than anything you can do in your own

So if you want to explore and go far from home

While carrying with you your own sense of home

You can’t do it alone

It’s not big enough son,

You need a partner, a teammate to help you grow.

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