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Raise your hand if you want to make the world a better place?

That’s the easy part.

But I think when you start talking about how to make that happen, you lose people. Because, really, how do you do it? That’s what’s important. It doesn’t matter if you “want” to, like a little kid wants Santa to bring him some gifts on Christmas. It matters how.

Today, in America we’ve really fucked up the “how”. We’ve fucked it up so much that many who raised their hand to the first question are finding that, despite their efforts, the world is not becoming a better place. No matter what we try, no matter how much we yell, how much we protest and vote, it’s just not happening.

In an attempt to make this more clear, let’s take the abortion “issue”. It’s a hot button, divisive, people are crazy passionate. One side calls itself “Pro-Life”, the other side calls itself “Pro-Choice”.

Really it’s all been argued. At least most of it’s been argued. Pick whatever you want, abortion, right to die, seatbelt lawas, healthcare, war, science, and on and on. It’s all been argued. I tried to argue it again but then I noticed, I’m in familiar territory, well worn, like a sunked ship, long picked over for treasure, just the hollowed out wreck to show you where the idea lies. The treasure has long since been taken and horded by those on either side. There is nothing left to argue about whether a woman should be able to get an abortion, about whether a person should be able to get health care, about whether a person should wear a seatbelt, about whether a person should be able to kill themselves, about whether a person should be able to have sex with whomever they want, however they want, about whether a person should be able to do this or that or whatever.

Anyone still talking about that is so 20th century.

Do you argue about abortion?
you’re so 20th Century
Do you argue about healthcare?
you’re so 20th Century
Do you argue about civil rights?
you’re so 20th Century
Do you argue about education?
you’re so 20th Century
Do you argue about politicians?
you’re so 20th Century

All of these things have been argued.
There is nothing left
Like a hollowed out treasure ship
It’s only a shadow
and we’re arguing about the hulking skeleton
and killing each other over it
the ideas are sanctified
on both sides
there is not a morsel left
to nourish your mind.

If you are still arguing about these things
you are practicing insanity
and soon you will be good enough
to turn pro
if you haven’t already.

So 20th Century.

The only question.
The first question,
The one that never got fully answered
The ship that’s never been fully explored
by the masses,
is the ship of …

Has everyone chosen the fundamental choice
the first choice
that determines all others
Who is in charge?

Who is in charge?

The deepest question requires courage
and character to even explore.
Imagine an intellectual warrior
a warrior of the mind
and heart
who turns towards the darkness
of their own night jungle
and decides to take a step
towards and in.
It’s the most beautiful choice
and most powerful
and most painful.

Because you don’t have to take it
you don’t have to make it.

It’s a 21st Century Choice
It’s the future en masse
it’s not only for the clerics
and true mages of the past
not only for the prophets
and persecuted philosophers.

It’s for you.
and you.
and you.

It’s for all of us
it’s for whoever wants it.

We can all be warriors of the mind
and heart
and recover our soul.
We can do this
and the world would rejoice
with you if you chose.

A step into your own night
to explore your own darkness
and find the ultimate answer
To the ultimate question
so that you can begin to live.

Who is in charge?

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