The Difference Between a Bullet to the Head and Cancer

I don’t think I should like it
But I do.
Donald Trump is a winner
the only question
What is he Winning?

These Democrats are completely hopless
it’s embarassing that they don’t
know better

And you know how much America loves a winner
and you know how much America loves a winner

The response was like an uninspired
PTA speaker
with less enthuisiasm than
would be had for a community bake sale

They take themselves so seriously
the moral high ground
I know the moral high ground too

But at least I’m right

I wonder where the strings go
who’s holding them
Trump will win again
he may never give up
he may dictate and we may let him
but at least with him
there’s a fighting chance
at least with him
there’s a fighting chance

And maybe that’s the thing with him
maybe that’s the best thing
he’s not trying to be someone he’s not
he’s not trying to pretend
he’s a dinosaur in a world of dinosaurs
who don’t think
they should think

At least you know what you’re getting

The other side
the vast nothing
The Democratic Study Hall
they’re much worse than Trump
and many people know this
many people know
that when you face up with liars
and pretenders
you going to get viciousness

And do you know the difference between

It’s the same as the difference between
a bullet to the head

Both suck
But one gives you a chance

Where have all the heroes gone.

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