Make Nothing Happen: Stop Clamoring

it’s not different
because you’re not different
and it’s the end of line
that’s why you’re so pissed
because if someone can’t
change it for you
then how the fuck
is it supposed to change.

it’s not different
because you’re not different.

i’m only writing with passion
if you know me
so if you know me
pretend you don’t
and read on.

this is not for you
it’s for me
but it’s about you
and it’s about me
it’s for me.

Bernie Sanders.
Donald Trump.
save me from them
save me from you
the clamoring is what’s worst
it’s like a hicup that could
turn into a heart attack
the clamoring
and clawing away

You know what
I don’t fucking believe it
it’s not that I don’t believe it
it’s that believing it doesn’t matter
I refuse it.

I refuse it
I refuse that the clamoring matters
I refust that the clamoring is worthy
of human’s attention
I am the anti-clamor
listen to tracy champman
sing her stories

Make sure not to clammor
clamoring is not healthy
what is that you clamor for
what won’t you let go

Bernie Sanders
Donald Trump
Save me from them
save me from you
save me from the spirit
of clamoring.

But you know what
I switched again,
I’m a flip flopper
and I flipped
it’s matters a ton.

Every minute, every second that you clamor
every minute, every second that you aren’t listening
to Tracy Chapman
Is a minute the world isn’t seeing what happens
when nothing happens
and we need more of that
we need more of nothing happening
we need you to make more of nothing happening
to make more nothing happen for you
I know you can do it
you can do it
make nothing happen

breathe your air
listen to song
and the birds
they speak to you
and cats
they want to be near you
and children
they will show you the joy of life
without knowing
which is the joy
for them.
But Joy Is Joy
so start trying
and do better
at making nothing happen.

Make nothing happen.

Bernie Sanders
Donald Trump
save me from them
save me from you
save me from the idea
of the clamor.

Stop Clamoring
Make Nothing Happen.

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