The Vision of Lonliness

One man,
who stood alone
and who very few really saw
because he stood alone
not needing to be seen,

this man said

This is what I’ve been waiting for.
there had been no hope until now
to reset the world
After all, even I, who loved the world
had turned away
in recognition that there was no hope.
Human hands and human minds
had taken us so far from our centers
and everyone,
almost everyone,
had jumped on board the bus.
No one knew
and those that did
were too busy grabbing whatever
paper they could,
no one knew it was the bus to hell.

The lonely man

The man said this and then he laughed
at his own arrogance
and feigned surprise.
He knew his heart was dark,
as dark as it was light.
He knew there wasn’t just one side
He knew better
and he knew he ignored
the better that he knew.

The man said

How silly I continue to be, faking my surprise, even to myself, that people didn’t know what it was they did. Ignoring the dark shores and foundations of my own soul. Ignoring it to myself. I am just an actor like everyone else and so now I understand that we are not innocent of our choices. We are not innocent in our ignorance. We are not children and even if we don’t undersand…we know.

The man who stood alone

The man contemplated his knowing
and his arrogance in the face of it
and gently laughed again
and was deflated.

The man said

And still, this is what god has been waiting for and it may not be enough but until we learn to see and be awake and in love, the virus of fear will run through us and we will aid in it’s course until we have been undone and disheveled we will sit, next to the dead and dying, and perhaps then, we will be overcome. Perhaps then we will see.

The man who did not need to be seen

The man was reserved now
he hoped that he
and others
could build now
he hoped there would be
a new start
free’d from the darkness
of the human mind
and hand.

He knew that many people
didn’t see it this way
but he also knew
that some did.

He felt at home for the first time
since his youth
when he would play in the forest
and the dirt and water of the land
and come inside to eat
and be comfortable
before heading out
into the forest again

And before the man turned to leave, he said

The best times are the times when it’s you against life, not when it’s you against man. Life loves you but does not believe you and never will believe you. Man believes you but seldom does man love you. This virus of fear, this fear of death and pain, this incredible fantasy that we have constructed in order to avoid the most basic element of life, this is the virus to vaccinate for. This is the virus that you must isolate yourself from until you find a way to leave each other alone and live together. You have forgotten that your aloneness is the only precious space you have and it is a healing space and it is the space where all things are good, even death and pain. It is this aloness that you have been avoiding, that god has now said, you will be alone or you will die, or, perhaps he said, what will it take to remember what is important.

The man who stood alone

What will it take to remember what is important.
What will it take to live
as if the memory is real.

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