When Love Comes To Town

Flowers drop their pettles
and that’s where they
should stay
not dying,
beautiful arranged.

The Crash is here,
the Crash is here,
the idol they’ve been
has arrived in a form
they never expected
and when they see it
they will die.


So much as to hate life
the unstoppable burst
in their stoppable heart
it doesn’t belong to us
so we create everything
that can and does
and it doesn’t matter
but our processor is broken
or at least in need
of an upgrade.

The upgrade is out there
but many don’t want to touch it
and many more
still don’t have the hardware
and, worse for progress, don’t want it.


As if we know why progress is important.
As if we use progress in a way that it would help us
rather than as a pet who we love and beat.

We love and beat everything
until we don’t
and then it’s more sadness and acceptance
for the patience it takes
to watch a world die
and only love it in response.

The arguement on black and white
is so funny to me
the way I handle it
the problem is the arguement itself
if there was no difference
they would be the same words.

We give those that come after a chance
that’s the best we can give them
it’s the only thing we can give them
A chance.

We can try to describe it
but we will kill it, no doubt
because that’s what we’re doing
that’s what we’re running, screaming from
underneath the stock market
and the convenience stores
and sports.

But there are always artists.
And you will know them
No matter what, you will know them
They won’t try to describe themselves.

They will sing their gift
and crumble upon it
as they are uplifted

It is a crazy thing to try to understand the world
it is us that make it crazy
in our grappling to understand.
This is not how it has to be
but how it is.
Our heads and wonderful minds
leading the charge
we’ve been running down
a woeful track
and we are going to get more woe
but there are other tracks
sure as shit.

We just have to be willing to die for them.
It’s where we’re going anyway.

When love comes to town I’m gonna jump that train

U2 w/BB King

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