The Great Pause

`Do you feel it…

The creeping of a simple, more natural existence
disguised as panic and fear.

I can feel it
it’s undeniable
it’s started with the recognition
of the fruitility of my old life,

Why the hell am I doing that!

And was followed by a bike ride
where the road
had become the most amazing
bike path
and I wondered

What if it was always like this? What would it take to have the roads be bike paths?

For one thing, it would mean
a lot

But who builds that, with that intent
and if the intent is to build road sized
and road quality bike paths for humans

What is behind this and how do we get more of it?

But I want to run too,
I want to produce and innovate
and increase weath and resources
for my family.

I want that too.

I want to work and succeed
without taking from others
especially those that don’t know
I’m taking from them.

The Great Pause
The world is meditating,
great breath in
paying attention to the in breath.

If it’s my time,
I want all those that come after me
to know
this was the time, right now,
that the eye of the storm
is above us
and we have fleeting clear skies
we are not being pummeled
we have a moment to look around
and take stock in our lives
and imagine

What the fuck am I doing?

We have the time to imagine

What the fuck am I doing?

The treadmill has stopped
for just this one moment
the motor of the world
has stopped.

The motor of the world has

How is the world.
How are you.
How is the world.
How are you.

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