No. No. No.




I’m not going to do that.
I don’t care what you say,
if you say it with fear
I only hear your cowering
that you hold so dear.




I do not subscribe
I do not believe you
and I will not
run and hide.




You can try it all you like
you can starve me
you can kill me
you can take apart my life.
You can dictate
your authority
your righteousness
your might.
But to me you’re just
a coward
I recognize your light
and I’m not doing
what you say
I’m not hiding
from the night.




Proclaim it all you want
hold signs
and enlist the news
have the famous speak for you
and have them sing the blues.
Make it loud
and say it proud
and find just how right you are
and show it to me without a doubt
as sure as the sun’s a star.
Shake your head
shoot me dead
and take a minute above my grave
to show to people
just what happens
to those that misbehave.




My answer will never change.
It’s not possible for you to win
Because you don’t get the game
So bray and bellow
and shout and point
and bully all along
and hold in contempt
all of those
that do not come along.
Do it all and do it well
it won’t matter to me one bit
I’ll not come with you
you’re too small
and you’re way to full of shit.


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