A Manchild Lament

We are owed nothing
and in only a short time
we’ve travelled so far
in our mind
to think that we
to think that I
can have the sky
because at one time
it was said
to be given to me.

We all start out
being given
there’s no bell to ring
we don’t have to show up
we just exist
and overfloweth our cup.

But there’s nothing bad
about heaping praise
and heaping love
and lovely days
of giving and piling on
the gifts
it teaches us
such things exist.

What’s bad is if we never learn
and never grown
and never yearn
to create a thing
for ourselves
and by ourselves
that we can bring
into existence
by manifesting.

For me
it’s rough
and I don’t know why
all I say is that I try and try
and I can’t seem to find
the reason why
love has left me
alone to cry.

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One response to “A Manchild Lament”

  1. kamarajkalyanasundaram3688 says :

    The raw honesty of your writing is always inspiring, Damon. I have known the man who calls himself as a man child and who writes, as a real, mature father, one who reconciles and brings relationships together, one who teaches his child or rather dares to allow his child to be bold and adventurous, and guides him along the way, just as he did with me, many times. He created many things, such as trivia, a restaurant business that he brought to life. He works and earns his life, does not live off others’ back. He knows how to coil a cable so nicely that the cable thanks him for his gentleness and care. He knows how to appreciate good music. He knows to hold him straight when he falters and has the courage to admit even in front of 100 people when he is wrong.

    The forgetfulness of his humble and honest achievements sometimes serves to others’ advantage. And, to the loss of precious time, his life, for the man I know as Damon.

    He has a cause of his own, to himself, serving it is the best thing to do for him, I think. Write away, Man! Write away! All the best.

    The beauty and power of your words, backed by what I feel as a burdened soul, again, from the expression above, is my motivation to write this thought.


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