A Conversation

I want to have a conversation because coversation is a good and real alternative to violence and because I want to contribute in a way that is non-violent and effective. The conversation wants to be about how to live together. It wants to be about how to live together better than we are now. It wants to be about life and the essence of life and what makes us human and what we want to pass on to our children and the the children of the world. It wants to be about leaving the world better than I found it. It means scratching the itch at the bottom of my soul, it means looking inward rather than outword for adventure and results. It means stretching and breaking the bonds of culture, society, tradition so that you can be free to experience them from the First Principle of self.

I think, therefor I am. I breathe, therefor I am.

There are many obstacles. Many stages. Each stage with it’s own legitimate fear and destruction and rebirth. Some obstacles are reason, logic and intelligence. The antidote to this obstacle is poetry and non-possesive beauty.

Rilke says to ask yourself what you cannot live without, he asks, “Ask if you must write” and if the answer at the bottom of the question is “yes”, begin to make your whole life about this with no concern for the reason, logic or intelligence of any of it. I see it as an honesty and faith in the First Principle of Self: That you are a being who has gifts that are more important than any other thing in your life and that your life is the consequence of your choices to live in or out of concert with those gifts.

I have been searching for these gifts since I was 24, I’ve been aware of them since I was 9 when I didn’t see them as gifts. I didn’t see them but I experienced them and maybe that’s why my life was so terrifying at times, because I experienced my gifts without seeing them.

My god, we are powerful creatures.

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